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Bentley Collection Adds Refinement to Christmas

For almost hundred years, Bentley has been a status symbol for the affluent. Founded by W.O. Bentley in 1919, Bentley began with a car that bore his name pulled out of New Street Mews in London. 

This humble beginning is then followed by a series of success, subsequently becoming what it is today - a celebrated beacon of luxury lifestyle.

Besides producing vehicles that exude superior performance and utmost indulgence, Bentley too has evolved into a lifestyle brand with a range of products made to suit the lifestyle of its well-heeled customers and admirers.
Known as the Bentley Collection, the specially created items combine some of the finest examples of contemporary design and craftsmanship. 
Some items celebrate the brand’s rich heritage from the racetracks to the road while others draw upon the design language of the cars with unparalleled craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail.
Speaking of unparalleled craftsmanship, buying a piece of Bentley Collection is like a true lifes…

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