#ChristmasWishes: Holiday 2017 Collection by La Mer

These days, maintaining your youth and beauty has been simplified to simple daily skincare regimen.

Moreover, one should consider beauty as a serious long-term investment that will benefit them emotionally. Just like what celebrities do to keep themselves photo-perfect and beautiful! 

As Christmas is just around the corner, why don’t you treat yourself or your beloved ones to the "secret beauty weapon" long utilised and highly sworn by glamorous Hollywood beauties such as Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler, and even Brad Pitt: The astonishing beauty proficiency of La Mer Holiday 2017 collection. 

First thing’s first: What is La Mer?

La Mer was started by Dr Max Huber, an aerospace scientist who suffered a horrific accident. While running a routine experiment, an explosion took place and as a result, Dr Huber was covered with severe chemical burns. 

Neither science nor medicine could provide him with sufficient promise of help, so he decided to help himself. It took him 12 years and 6,000 experiments to come out with what we know today as Crème de La Mer or Cream of the Sea in English.  

What’s inside Crème de La Mer?

The star ingredient of this miraculous crème is the sea kelp. 

Rich in nutrients, the sea kelps are harvested off the coast of Pacific Ocean and bio-fermented with other ingredients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, lecithin,iron, Vitamins C, E and B12 plus citrus and Eucalyptus oils just to name a few. After 3-4 months, the result is a “miracle broth” that has the power to transform the skin appearance.

What can the crème do to my skin?

If you are looking for firmer skin in a fraction of time, Crème de la Mer is the answer. The crème, among others, reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pore visibility, hence making your skin virtually ageless. 

What’s more, the nutrient-rich “miracle broth” contained within the crème provides even the driest complexion with adequate moisture, soothing the skin and restores the skin’s lost radiance.

I work in a heavily air-conditioned office, which makes my skin dry. Can Crème de La Mer solve this problem?

Yes, Crème de La Mer is suitable for those who are either working or living in air-conditioned environments. As you know, air conditioners have the tendency of stripping off the moisture off our skin, causing it to dry. 

When the moisture went off, so is the glow on the skin, followed by the unwanted appearances of wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, a good dollop of moisturiser such as Crème de La Mer is essential to keep your skin constantly moisturised.

When I hear the word “crème”, I can’t help it but to think of breakouts as I have oily skin. Is there a non-oily option for Crème de La Mer?

There are five unique textures you can choose from to suit the condition of your skin – the original Crème itself (ultra-rich with dewy finish), the Moisturising Soft Cream (supple with luminous finish), the Moisturising Soft Lotion (weightless with satin finish), the Moisturising Gel Cream (fresh with velvety finish) and the Moisturising Matte Lotion (weightless with matte finish). For oily skin, the Moisturising Gel Cream is the perfect choice as the light texture leaves your skin with smooth and velvety finish.

Is there a specific ritual I have to follow before applying the crème on my skin?

Yes, you need to warm the crème up between your fingers for few seconds until it becomes translucent and press it gently into your skin with your fingers.

I am prone to chaffing and dry lips. Can I apply Crème de La Mer on my lips to keep it moisturised?

Worry not, La Mer Lip Balm is here to solve the problem! Like the crème itself, the Lip Balm contains La Mer’s “miracle broth” that renews the lip area. 

The intensely reparative formula works on contact to soften the roughness on the lips, relieve discomfort and rejuvenate seriously dry lips. 

On the other hand, its patented Lip Lipid Complex delivers moisture and strengthens the lips’ moisture barrier to prevent further damage.

There are times when I need to reapply my compact powder but I’m afraid it will strip off Crème de La Mer’s benefit from my skin.  How can I avoid it?

Look no further with La Mer’s Illuminating Powder. 
This pressed powder is not only lightweight but it also shimmers and infused with illuminating gemstones, brilliant pearls and colour-true pigments that will provide healthy, looking and luminous glow to all types of complexion. Best of all, it also contain La Mer’s “miracle broth”, too!

I love the packaging design. Who is the artist behind it?

For this year’s Holiday edition, La Mer has roped in artist Hannah Pugh to create the special edition packaging. 

According to Pugh, the collaboration began after La Mer discovered her work via Pinterest and approached her with the golden opportunity.

The arresting design was inspired from the cosmos and the design stands for hope, perseverance and craftsmanship. Pugh’s body of works can be viewed at her official website: http://www.allisnotlostart.com/

How much will it set me back for this great skin investment?

Good to know that you are seeing this collection as a worthy investment! For the Holiday 2017 Collection, The Crème de la Mer is priced at RM1320.00, the Lip Balm at RM250.00 and the Illuminating Powder at RM600.00.

Where can I get them?

La Mer Holiday 2017 Collection is available now at La Mer Flagship Store, Suria KLCC as well as La Mer counters at Parkson Pavilion, Robinson The Gardens and Isetan One Utama.

*Photos courtesy of La Mer; sea kelp image courtesy of Oxford Vitality. 

La Mer Flagship Store – Lot G08, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.


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