Paris Through the Eyes of Cartier in Collection Paris Nouvelle Vague

A city’s beauty is best viewed from different perspective. 

Take Paris, for instance. Throughout the centuries, the City of Love and Lights have dazzled, allured and seduced people from all over the world — either for a short or long trip or to call it their new home. 

To the artistes, the city is an art heaven where artistry flourishes without any gag of sorts. And to the fashionistas, it is where fashion reigns supreme with rues after rues of flagship top-notch designer boutiques and quaint shops run by below-the-radar and emerging designers. 

To the history buffs, Paris, on the other hand is like an open air museum. In every nook and cranny of the city, there is something that's waiting to be discovered. 

For example, the century old catacombs that lie underneath the Parisian streets where millions of dead people were buried is enough to push your emotion into intrigue. 

But to Cartier, a name that is synonymous with the city and also, the world-renowned Jeweller to the Kings, Paris is a city where gold is constantly played with, hammered and fashioned into gadroons, openworks, lattice-work or braid.

It is also a city where hard, fine and precious stones are given meticulous treatments in forms of volume, varnish and voluptuousness by the skilled master artisans 

This summer, Cartier celebrates the advent of a new season with a special tribute to the city that is constantly imbued with love and romance.

Known as the Paris Nouvelle Vague collection, the collection is dedicated to discerning women with an insider’s knowledge of the Paris scene; its glamorous nights of unparalleled extravagance and the streaming indulgences that trigger audacious pleasures. 

Divided into three distinctive themes — Exquisite Delights, A Winding City Stroll and Paris at Night — each piece is crafted to embody the spirit of the city with point of references taken from the host of icons that are abundant within the city.

Inspired by the luxurious delights that always tempt the fairer sex whenever they are in the city such as the sweet Chantilly cream, the Exquisite Delights collection offers an array of seductive pieces such as curved rings adorned with chrysoprase, black jade and chalcedony sorbets in a cornet of gadrooned gold. 

Her appetite will bloom with utmost gladness as she sets her sight on the pendants and rings, coated with cabochons of chalcedony, lapis-lazuli, aquamarine, turquoise and moonstone. 

For A Winding City Stroll collection, the classic setting of the city – a humongous garden imbued with historical icons, works of art that have witnessed centuries of civilisation and revolution – provides the crux of the plot.

Padlocks are linked by amethysts, aquamarines, tourmalines and spinels while black lacquer and diamonds purvey absolute modern vibrancy to the bracelets.

Paying homage to the arches and domes, Cartier creates monumental rings and dazzling bracelets featuring structured lattice works with lacquer in the shade of Cartier’s trademarked red to line its interiors.

At night, the glamorous vibe of the city comes alive in the forms of rustling necklaces, rings and earrings, all tied and threaded together with dazzling gold beads and diamonds. 

Furthermore, the yellow and pink sapphires, fiery opals, red spinels, emeralds, tsavorites, diamonds and lapis-lazuli cast sparkles of wit and delightful extravagance to the Paris at Night collection, just like the spotlights that light the Eiffel Tower every night. 

The Paris Nouvelle Vague collection is available now at all Cartier stores worldwide. 

*Photos by Getty Images/Karen Collins; courtesy of Cartier 

Cartier -  Lot C-G05 & 105A, Ground and First Floor, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur. 


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