We're NINE Today ... Hooray!

Nine years … how fast time flies by. I felt it was just yesterday that I started this blog, out of nothing but as means to kill my boredom and to channel out my profound passion for writing and fashion. Though I went through a very hard beginning, drifting in the waves of anonymity — well, I do still feel it now — my hard works and sacrifices are handsomely paid now. 

A tradition that I upheld since many moons ago, my heart is too contented as there are many kind souls that I would love to thank. Reason being, Fashion Heaven Rants would not be where it is today without their kind assistance and support. Without further ado, here is a list of people and organisations that I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to: 

To my family — Babah, Mama, Haziq, Syakeera, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces — for their support and encouragement from time to time. 

The hardworking people behind the brands — Joanne de Silva (Valiram Group), Carmen Tan (Valiram Group), Janet Tiong (Valiram Group), Adrian Wong (Loewe Asia Pacific), Adelyn Kong (FJ Benjamin Malaysia), Yap Fui Leng (FJ Benjamin), Soo Shea Pin (Anya Hindmarch Malaysia), Annie Tan (Anya Hindmarch Malaysia), Emily Chiew (Anya Hindmarch Malaysia), Natalie Yap (Christian Dior Couture Malaysia), Natalie Ip (Christian Dior Couture Asia Pacific), Wing Onn (Christian Dior Couture Asia Pacific), Lynette Lim (Royal Selangor), Ida Lokman (Kenzo), Wee Sien Lim (Montblanc Malaysia), CS Fan (Salvatore Ferragamo Malaysia), Lydia Tsang (Globalluxe/Diane von Furstenberg), Audrey Fung (Globalluxe/Diane von Furstenberg), Deborah Krish (Bulgari South Asia), Asha Langdown (Bulgari South Asia), Antonella di Marco (Prada), Sooyun Teng (Prada SEA), Valerie Tan (Prada SEA), Karen Teh (Prada Malaysia), Lorraine Tan (Gucci Malaysia), Semiramis Pilar (Gucci Singapore), Nerea Salgado (Carrera y Carrera), Cristina Moya (Carrera y Carrera), Luis de Dios (Carrera y Carrera), Danielle Chiam (Cartier), Tsi Ying Chan (NARS), Wai Quan Wong (Parfums Christian Dior Malaysia), Grace Lim (Luxasia), Yin Yin Tan (Luxasia), Monica Cuellar (Tory Burch), Sara Pio (Paula Cademartori), Kingston Saik (Niche Retailing), Jennifer Wong (Levi Strauss Malaysia), Angeline Au (Chanel Malaysia), May Lyn Lim (Chanel Malaysia), Claudia Chua (Chanel Malaysia) and Karina Seidel (Coach Malaysia), Puan Sri Monique (Graha Lifestyle Malaysia), Alphonsus Chung (Graha Lifestyle) — thank you for your kind support throughout the exciting nine years and I am looking forward to a constant working opportunity with your brands.   

Public relations practitioners — Leonard (Bridges PR), Choon Choon (CC Creative), Sarah Rostam (CC Creative), Amri Rahim (Milk PR), Sher Wizeman (Milk PR), Nora Azima (Milk PR), Tracy Siow (Milk PR), Karen Lim (Priority), Natasha Loo (Priority), Amelyn Ang (Priority), Alvina Tai (Priority), Kiranjeet Kaur (Cohn Wolfe), Nah Sui Kar (SK Communications) — thank you for having me in mind and thank you for the invitations to the fabulous events. 

Salina & Associates PR (Selina Yeop, Jr, Lydia Wong, Ida Rahayu, Ilya Qastalani, Aril, Yusuf Phillip) – I missed working with all of you!  

Media friends and acquaintances — Peter Yap (The Sun), Patsy Kam (The Star), Yoga Selva (The Star), William Kee (The Star), Louisa Lim (The Star), Bervin Cheong (The Star), Alif Abu Bakar (Pepatung), Reta Lee (MSN), Natasha Kraal (Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia ), Sunitha Thayaparan (Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia), Siok Hoon Tan (Style Malaysia), Mindy Teh (Marie Claire Malaysia), Elsa Dang (Citta Bella Malaysia), Kiffy Razak (Nona), Wirda Adnan (WW), Suzie Adnan (GLAM), Aizat Aidid (GLAM), Kate Guest (Elle Malaysia) — reading your works inspire me to improve my writing style from time to time. Thank you for being my muses! 

Malaysian media aside, I’d also like to thank a number of notable writers such as Jonathan Van Meter and Hamish Bowles from US Vogue; thespian cum Harper’s Bazaar contributor Carrie Fisher, Suzy Menkes, Lynn Yaeger as well as the prominent fashion editor of the 20th century, Diana Vreeland for being a source of inspiration and my inevitable guide to better writing. I also owe glasses of Cosmopolitan to my favourite fictional columnist Carrie Bradshaw aka “soul sister” for inspiring me to be a writer and for sharing a strong passion for good shoes!   

When I was 12 years old, one of my dreams was to work with Estee Lauder Companies. Reason being I was fascinated and amazed at the late Mrs Lauder’s ceaseless effort in making women all over the globe look effortlessly beautiful and confident. Then, at the age of 15, I fell in love with one of its iconic brands, Clinique.  Believe it or not, my relationship with Clinique has been going smoothly for 15 years and is set to go on forever. Thus, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Estee Lauder Companies Malaysia team — Yen Chong (Clinique), Chan Mei Ling (Bobbi Brown and La Mer), Chow Min Yin (Aramis) and Tan Sue Fern (Aramis) — for giving me the chance to work with your vast portfolio of brands.

“Let me tell you something and don’t you ever forget it: that success is nothing without someone you love to share it with!”   

This quote, taken from a scene in the iconic 1970s film Mahogany starring Diana Ross really moves me. Without the support of good friends and acquaintances from all over the world, I guess my blog would just remain as another “blog”. Therefore, my heartfelt gratitude goes to … 

Nadia Stewart for our profound shared passion on everything Madonna, 80s music, ghost hunting sessions around KL after midnight and the most important of all, SHOPPING! Never a day you would slip off my mind, babe. Send my love to Robin and also to my godson, Baby Bijou

Richard Tan … my “talk cock” partner for so many years. Aunty, do you know what actually make the world moves around? It is you and your ceaseless tagging on the Facebook! Hahahahaha. I miss you la! 

Emileen Rosli ... Babe, we should find a time so we can work on crazy but creative projects together. Like you said, we already have the ideas in our heads but we need somewhere to get them kick-started. Love you as always, babe :D

My “sisters” — Lind Shah, Naf Ameen, Syaz, Meilan Song, Shareen Ramli, Nik Nafisah Marini, Sumay Woo, Emma Lark, Marlina Azmi, Herda Harith, Sulu Sarawak, Aniz Nizam, Bethany Leigh, Aja Ng, Felicia Lee, Felicia Chin de Smet, Lidiana Rosli, Anna Ayuda, Judith Leow, Ingrid How, Nawal, Sarah Tan, CB Teh, Koh Bee Nah, Vera Boon, Dawn Jeremiah, Yeoleene Yeoh, Szujane Ng, Alycia Chow, Iris Iana, Dian Pasquinal Kaur, Lim Wen May, Melissa Jasharan, Nurul Jannah, Angie Teoh, Shanice Leong, Nur Muhammad, Nicolette Ng, Shereen Jaafar, Christine Leong, Zuriaty Rawi, Stephanie Chai, Ida Nurhida, Samantha Capel, Lisa Yeap, Julia Tan, Flavia Galeotti, Khoo Hsien Chun, Kalpana Sritharan, Elyse Gan, SzeRu Goh, Angel Phuay Shan, Shannen Hugh, Claire Woods, Inge Kelly, Clarise, Ryma, Sabrina Loh, Kristel Michelle Joseph, Vania Asher, Gina Subki, Nurul Yazmi, Rekha von Bueren, Odette Crockett, Monica Valiram, Syazana Mohammad, Sara Tasya Tajuddin, Dazman Manan, Ainee Hamzah … my, too many of you … thank you for your friendship and support all these years. Knowing all of you is the BEST thing that ever happened in this life. 

Les "Boys" ... Johan Nasir, John Lim, Daniel Lim, Jason Kwong, Joshua TZH, Lloyd Gan, Joe Koon, Mohd Shahril Abdullah, Harith Shaari, Shahrizad Fitri, Tajul Sharby, Mel Muzzamil, Khafairy Skyputra, Keith Yong, Ezra Low, Dave Porter ... Ok, I've lost count by now ... thank you, thank you and thank you again for your friendship. 

To all of my Facebook friends – 607 altogether, all over the world – thank you for your shares and tags and for responding to my nonsenses 24/7. Special love to Reagan Raymond Munang and YiVon Tai :D

Adrian Chee ... Again, happy belated birthday! I wish you more success and when you're going to make a model out of me? Hahahahaha. 

Blogger friends Rebecca Saw, Evelyn Ang Loo, Rayyan Harris, Bei Yan Poh ... thank you for sharing events and contacts with me. I missed all of you. Hahahaha. To Bagaholic Boy for his kind encouragement. 

Friends from SMKCP … Zara Kasman, Mubarak Satar, Emitt Dzulhazrick, Sharwin, Suhana Mas Wangi, Zuliza, Norismalina, Siti Khatijah, Kee Teik Jin, Alvin Tan, Asrol Ibrahim, Firdaus Nadzir, Idris Othman, Awa Khuzailah, Diyana, Norisha, Fariza Aini, Pamela Cheong … I miss you all! 

Sandra Azwan … Congratulations on your new menswear collection. I love, love and love the whole range. And forever and always, you will be my Cristobal Balenciaga. Cik Faizal Hamid, you should be very proud of him now.  

Amir Luqman … the most vazz diva in Malaysian fashion scene! Keep on churning those hard works and I’m still waiting for your couture-istic work for me to put on. Hahahaha!!!!

Friends from UiTM Sri Iskandar and Shah Alam as well as Cosmopoint … my oh my, there’s just too many of you for me to remember your names and list them down. I miss you guys so much and wish we could meet up again and rekindle those happy days we had back in college. 

Hana Sany … Mek akan kembali ke Hong Kong! Hahahahahaha!!!! When I’m back kita main masak-masak and shopping-shopping ok. Send my love to Aydin and Aaron, too. 

Lan Mansor @ Fasya Queen ... Segala sembahan ratu hanya untuk mama. Hahahaha. Wishing you all the success in the world for your upcoming project. Kisses!!!!

Joanna Gough ... Girl, I miss those photography sessions I had with you. That's the only time when I could convince myself that I am a real supermodel, not just a drag! Hahahahaha. 

My “family” in Singapore (Dana Safiah, Ida, Jaszie Yana, Cinta Fartika, Lennara and Charles Augustin Press, Nizam, Rayyan Muhaimin) … you guys are always in my heart, forever and forever. I hope SGD will drop to affordable value again so I can “balik kampong” and meet up with everyone. Besides, I miss my MRT ride from the airport to Orchard Road. Hahahaha.

Teman-teman di Indonesia (Harrys Simanungkalit, Feri Haryono, Mbak Sonya Tampubolon, Mbak Yulia Isyanti, Mbak Linda Rifdiani, Lina Budiarti) … aku KANGEN ama kamu semua. Moga-moga satu hari nanti bisa ketemu ya :D

Iza Wijtfels, Sietze Boonstra, Santtu Raitasuo, Tanel Tilk …I look forward to seeing you guys back in Malaysia again! 

Mes mille mercis à la belle Anggun pour de me inspirer travers sa musique et je me réjouis de la liberation de ton prochain album. 

Madonna, my perpetual bitch! You’ve been the source of my inspiration since I was a child. I listen to your songs religiously and your guts and bravura never fail to amaze me. 

Emmanuelle Alt of Vogue Paris and Franca Sozzani of Vogue Italia for their always awe-inspiring and breath-taking editorial works.  Et aussi á Carine Roitfeld pour ses travailles magnifiques!

Pour les hommes qui trop j’aime … Mansor Tun Abdul Aziz and Airil Haimi Adnan … I don’t know what I would be like without both of you. I will always cherish this special bond we built throughout the years. Vous me manqué! 

I would like to dedicate my heartfelt thanks to two dear friends who are no longer with us – Adlan Jaafar and Vanessa Ann Theseira-Tegjeu, Rest in peace to both of you.    

If I ever missed out your names, I am very sorry because my brain has been working so hard trying to memorise your names but believe me, all of you do have a special place in my heart. 


  1. Condragulations Shaiful! 9 years and still counting. We are proud of you!


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