Raf Simons Reveals The Wild Facet of Femininity ... Dior FW2015 Collection

From the eyes of laywomen or women who either have lack or no sense of style and not even an iota of fashion knowledge, there is nothing too wow for them to comment on the new Dior fall/winter 2015 ready-to-wear collection. More often than not, the only thing they would comment on is the costly price tag that comes with it. 

To the fancy dressers who have been away with the fairies and failed to realise that John Galliano was no longer the reigning creative king of Dior would certainly gasp at the lack of frivolity approach taken by new creative director Raf Simons in the new collection. Yet rest assured, a louder gasp could be heard when they hear the dismaying story that got the British fashion wunderkind left the maison in haste.  

Like a mot du jour or a trending hashtag of sort, streamline is set to dominate the upcoming fall/winter fashion trend. Of course, here and there, opinions are abounding on mainstream. Some find it as a safe approach while the “brave” ones may find it too boring to their liking. Nevertheless, for Dior, Simons is elevating the method to a greater level by making it as interesting as possible. 

Juxtaposing modernised silhouettes with a variety of textures, pelts, construction techniques, and prints and detailing, the Belgian fashion maestro created a straight-forward yet tempting collection that celebrates the emotions and the nimbleness of contemporary womanhood. Colours such as red, aqua, pale pink, heather red, black and dark brown are chosen as the colours for Simons’ working palette. 

Compared to fashion collections dating back to the 80s and 90s that tend to look heavy due to the choice of fabrics, the new Dior fall/winter ready-to-wear collection seems lighter with certain pieces are appropriate with diverse global climate.  

Furthermore, there is an intrinsic sense of nature in its wildest form emanating from the whole look and feel of the collection. Especially on the replete organic prints that mimic the beauty of the wildlife in the African savannah. 

“I wanted the collection to deal with nature and femininity in a different way,” says Simons. “Away from the garden and the flower, to something more liberated, darker and more sexual. This idea had begun in the couture, but here there is more wildness, savagery and overt masculinity in the way a woman might present herself. The idea of animals and an abstraction of their patterns became key; none of them literal, more the invention of a new species.”

Take the first ensemble for example, which is a red sleeveless top and cropped pants. Featuring dazzling texture, the mainstreamed straight silhouette of the sleeveless top does not cinch to the wearer’s body, hence providing comfort to women with curves. On the other hand, the front-pleated matching cropped pants looked relaxed, hence allowing flexible movement. In terms of the fabric used (tweed), the ensemble is certainly wearable not only in the northern hemisphere where the new season will take place, but also in equatorial countries and the southern hemisphere where spring and summer occur. 

Working with tweed aside, Simons also crafted out exquisite ready-to-wear pieces, particularly outerwear in other lush fabrics such as fox fur, patent leather, organza, felted wool, silk, wool and knitted jacquard. A fox coat in beautiful shade of aqua paired with brown tweed sleeveless top and cropped pants seem to look just right on Rihanna. The colour, the texture of the fur and the bias-shaped cut-out certainly screams her name out loud. In fact, she should have worn the look during her live performance of her new single “Bitch Better Have My Money” at the recent iHeart Radio Awards.   

Another great fabric amalgamation within the collection is the beautiful matrimony between animal pelt and tweed in organic wool. Layered atop one another, the look brings forth a great allusion to the prehistoric time when pelts were the main source of clothing for people back then. 

While the storm fox and multi-coloured tweed wool organic dress may exudes classic beauty, those who are rock stars at the heart would be happy to settle in the blush fox and pink tweed wool organic version. 

Perhaps inspired by the meticulous art of paper crafting, Simons transformed sheets of patent leathers into mesh sleeveless tops and skirts in contrasting colours. What’s more, the uniqueness lies on the impression that the mesh purveyed, especially when it is layered atop of each other. 

At one point, one could easily mistake the texture on the body-enveloping sleeveless top with standing collar as sequins or fish scale and the skirt as reptile skin. In a way, the entire look definitely spells magic. 

For those who have no intention of travelling abroad to either Aspen or Gstaad but wanted to add Simons’ magical touch in their fall/winter wardrobe without looking like a Russian lost in the tropics, get ready to be amazed by a selection of magnificent dresses and bodysuits cut from fine silk, knitted jacquard and organic wool that are replete with groovy organic prints. 

Speaking of rock stars, the upcoming fall/winter season will see thigh-high boots in sleek and liquid patent leather roaming around the streets. Going well with almost all Dior ready-to-wear pieces, the boots are doused in electrifying colours as well as organic prints. Don’t forget to tote Diorama or Be Dior bags in lavish exotic hides, animalistic motifs and camouflage of explosive colours, interpreted through Simons’ creative eyes. 

Dior fall/winter 2015 ready-to-wear and accessories collection will be available at all Dior boutiques and selected multi-brand retailers by the third quarter of the year. 

*Photos courtesy of Dior. 

Dior – G28, Indulge Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur   


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