Inspiring Minds, Tantalising Palates ... Magnum Fine Dining Experience

Lavish, opulence, desire, indulgence … there are too many words one could use to describe pleasure. 

Some people may find their ultimate pleasure in shopping for luxurious style necessities such as clothes, bags and shoes, while others indulge in jet-setting, travelling to exotic, faraway places across five continents. 

However, for food lovers, especially chocolate lovers, true indulgence always come in the form of the luscious taste of Magnum ice cream.

A globally known frozen confection with unparalleled taste, Magnum ice-cream is oftentimes associated with sumptuousness, thanks to its notable ingredient, the authentic Belgian chocolate. 

Just a bite off its Belgian chocolate-coated vanilla ice-cream is enough to transcend you to a beautiful reverie. So lush, you will fall into a deep, magnificent gastronomic trance as the chocolate and the vanilla ice-cream combination melts and swirls, flicking cooling sensation onto your tongue.  

To celebrate the exquisite taste of its storied star, Magnum has hosted an exclusive fine dining session to a handful of media members at the Magnum Café, Mid Valley Megamall. 

Held on a fine afternoon, members of the media were treated to a lavish four-course meal created by Chef Steven Chin, the Group Executive Chef of Magnum Kuala Lumpur. 

Making the dining experience an opulent affair to remember is the dishes were meticulously crafted with Belgian chocolate as the source of inspiration. 

“As the frontier of the chocolate expertise, this event is organised to showcase how Magnum will tickle your palate by creating signature dishes that are infused with Belgian chocolate,” says Mr Shawn Tan, the Category Head (ice-cream) of Unilever Malaysia Holdings Sdn. Bhd. 

Mr Tan continues, “We want to our consumers to always remember that remarkable, pleasurable moments are now beyond every bite of Magnum ice-cream.” 

The Magnum fine dining experience kicked off with a serving of spice butternut squash veloute garnished with bitter dark chocolate shavings and cinnamon.

The soup, made from butternut pumpkin puree, has creamy texture and lightweight consistency with non-overpowering spiciness. The addition of powdered cinnamon added a tinge of subtle sweetness and invoking aroma. 

Next was a unique appetiser that juxtaposes the flavours of east and west – marinated capellini, crisp unagi beignet, salted chocolate emulsion, ulam-ulaman, soy reduction and crisp ginger. 

As we know, beignet is a wheat flour-based pastry that is deep-fried and akin to doughnut.

However, thanks to the Chef Chin’s creativity, he managed to transform unagi or Japanese eels into mini beignets that were perfectly fried with its natural flavour retained. 

Even the chocolate emulsion and the soy reduction complements one another when they are mingled and eaten with the marinated capellini pasta and the ulam-ulaman. Superb was the apt word for its main course - pan-seared buttefish fillet served with sautéed baby spinach and white chocolate “beurre blanc” (white butter). 

Cooked to perfection, the butterfish has firm texture and goes well with the smoothness of the white chocolate white butter prepared by Chef Chin. 

But of course, the moment that everyone was waiting for would be the last course of the meal where guests were treated with not one but four desserts. 

Made using Magnum ice-cream, the desserts were Death by Chocolate, the Red Velvet, Magnum Trifle and Magnum Affogato. Served with soft brownie that melts in the mouth, Death by Chocolate truly lived up to its name. 

Ditto the Red Velvet that was beautifully presented with a Magnum ice-cream and a slice of Red Velvet cake. So beautiful that we dared not to touch it! On the other hand, the trifle and the affogato were absolutely delightful. 

Furthermore, it was what most of us need when the temperature outside the mall was close to 30 degrees and sweltering, hence purveying a sweet and tantalising ending to our fine dining experience with Magnum. 

Apart from the four “death sentence-equivalent” desserts, guests were also invited to customise our own Magnum ice-cream at the Magnum ice Cream bar. 

With an assortment of toppings to choose from. The friendly Magnum artisans as I would like to call them, will be happy to turn your creative Magnum ideas into reality. 

Thus, million thanks to the Magnum Malaysia and Salina & Associates PR for inviting me to the luscious fine dining experience. 

*Photos courtesy of Magnum Malaysia 

Magnum Café - T-023, 052 & 053, Third Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, 59200 Kuala Lumpur. 


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