Fall Under The Serpent's Charm ... Bulgari Serpenti Accessories Collection SS15

While admiring the mystifying Serpenti jewellery range that gorgeously coils around the elegant forearms of Hollywood’s inevitable silver screen goddess the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor, an age old story suddenly rushed across my mind. 

Told from one generation to another, the story revolves around a man who was possessed with hatred, placed a poisonous snake into one of her pots. 

However, due to the purity of heart and her kindness, the serpent turned into a beautiful gold necklace as she opened the pot’s lid. 

Though I may not know how the necklace may look like, rest assured its beauty may not be paralleled to the astounding beauty of the storied Bulgari jewellery and accessories range.     

Between meticulously crafted bejewelled pieces set in gold and precious stones and the lush accessories crafted from the world’s most exotic yet sumptuous skins and leathers, my heart has always been attached to the supreme splendour of the accessories, particularly the bags. 

Opulent and charming, the spectacular Serpenti range of handbags is the result of magnificent “matrimony” between two distinctive know-hows Bulgari is known for:  fine jewellery-making and leather goods crafting. Furthermore, the presence of the enamelled and malachite-encrusted snake head clasp that evokes a sense of unbridled mystery and allure is also a major factor that draws women to own the oh-so tempting collection.

Like most iconic bags, creating a Serpenti bag requires a scrupulous journey that may require years of refinement.

It all started in the designing studio where the ideas are rendered into design sketches.

In between, the designers would go through swatches of material samples and images to impart the creation its unique soul and identity. 

Once the designing part has been realised, the next stage will be taken over by Bulgari’s experienced leather goods artisans. 

Using manual techniques, the artisans began to materialise the design, starting from cutting out the pieces of leather using the approved patterns.

Working with precious materials such as snakeskin and crocodile hides, a skilled Bulgari leather goods artisan may have to endure many years of training.

The training duration may take up to years, depending on the artisan’s talent and ability to absorb the imparted knowledge as quickly as possible. Once the pieces are ready, they are assembled by skilled hands, piece by piece. From sewing to stamping and right to label-tagging, at this point, a set of sharp eyes plays an important role in ensuring that the end product meets the maison’s strictly high benchmark of quality.

This season, the Serpenti is set to hypnotise fashionistas with three new exciting colours being added into its wondrous palette – French vanilla, scarlet red and wild orchid pink. 

The silhouettes are sculpted, sleek and modern, hence perfectly complement women with contemporary individual style.

 Its wealthy appeal is brought forth by the use of lush, exotic hides such as crocodile skin with matte finishing and butter-soft texture derived from labour-intensive process and galuchat with sparkling finish that will dazzle the eyes. 

At daytime, keep your necessities inside and elevate your current status from a mere fashionista to an attention-grabbing fashion doyenne with Serpenti Forever shoulder bag. 

The matt scarlet red crocodile skin imbues a new breath of glamour and sensuality while the classic matt emerald green crocodile is the beacon of unperturbed sophistication. 

Heading for an afternoon tea with some girl friends? A flap cover Serpenti Forever bag in French vanilla goes well with that well-manicured Park Avenue princess look. What’s more, the softness of the calf leather and the vibrancy of the French vanilla hue adds a dash of youthfulness and joie de vivre

For those who are seeking companionship besides dashing men in well-cut suits, there a few Serpenti evening bags that you could consider as great style investments. 

For instance, the monotonous Serpenti Forever flap cover bag in black and mirage shiny Ayers skin with woven chevron embroidery boasts a strong 1970s nuance and hints of the renowned Studio 54 vibes. 

If it could travel back through time, it will likely be resting in the hands of either fashion icon Bianca Jagger or singer/actress Liza Minnelli who would pair it with their Halston dresses.

Nonetheless, it is also a perfect hand candy for you to carry to the clubs on the weekends.

If elegant is the theme of the event, perhaps the Serpenti Hypnotic box clutches suit you well. Available in silver and gold, the opulent clutches are crafted from mirage shiny gold or silver iridescent lizard skin and come with Serpenti Hypnotic frame pression closure. 

Russian actress and model Olga Kurylenko whose appearance in 007: Quantum of Solace shot her to global stardom was seen carrying the clutch at Bulgari’s Diva Cinema Night event in Berlin, recently. However, if you wished to exude the most dramatic impact out of your personal style, pair the bags with the startling precious stone-drenched Serpenti fine jewellery pieces and own the evening. 

The Serpenti accessories collection is available now at all Bulgari boutiques worldwide. 

*Photos courtesy of Bulgari.

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