Colour Up Your Stride with Adidas Originals Supercolor Range

Trends come and go and that is a common cycle that occurs in the fashion world. 

However, when a trend is elevated into a cult, it immediately becomes immortal, continuously revered by one generation to another. 

Case in point: The eternal charm of Adidas Superstar sneakers range. 

Originally introduced by the German sportswear purveyor as a basketball shoe in the 1970s, the Superstar was a favourite among the NBA players, especially basketball icon Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Subsequently, the sneakers achieved its cult status within the street fashion scene when legendary Queens-based rap group Run DMC made the celebrated basketball sneakers as part of their unique style identity in 1983. 

Even up to now, after more than 40 years of existence, no other sneakers are known to have its relevancy to the fashion sphere and its iconic status revoked other than the Superstar itself.

This year, the original footwear that screams the importance of individuality and fashion liberty is set to sport new look through adidas Originals Supercolor collection.

A special collection resulted from the hip collaboration between adidas Originals and pop culture impresario Pharell Williams – a superstar in his own right – the Supercolor sees the iconic footwear silhouette transformed via a spectrum of 50 different colourways.  

From pallid haze to the vibrant collegiate gold, one is literally spoiled by choices and liberty in terms of colour. Nevertheless, no matter how one may choose the colour of choice based on mood or a strong predilection for certain hues, the aim of the Supercolor collection, according to Williams, is to impart a freedom of expression and to celebrate equality via the storied footwear.    

“With 50 colours of the Superstar, everybody will be able to select his or her colour,” says Williams. “It is more diverse than any pack ever before and therefore, it is more individual than any pack ever before.”

He further adds: “With every shoe treated exactly the same, all colours are equal. No matter what colour you choose, you can be part of Supercolor. Choose your colour.” 

Currently available globally at adidas Originals stores, the adidas Originals Supercolor range retails between RM160.00 to RM 190.00 for kids and RM350.00 for men. 

Purchase your Supercolor range online at and you may stand a chance to win a pair of adidas Originals Supercolor for yourself. Log on to the website for more details. 

*Photos courtesy of adidas Originals 

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