Three Declarations and a Runaway Bride ... Cartier and Dior Unveil Two Must-Watch Short Films

Love is a power that goes against all odds. 

It knows no boundaries and its presence can be felt universally, from the back alleys of the New York street to the idyllic nooks and crannies of our beautiful islands. Even in the bitter coldness of February winter, love blooms vividly, especially on the 14th, the day when Valentine’s Day emerges.

In conjunction with the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration, two renowned French haute labels - jeweller to the kings and purveyor of everything luxurious Cartier and prominent couturier, beauty and fragrance maison Christian Dior - are debuting their short films online. While the plots are different, love and marriage are the common themes that connect the two distinctive short films. 

Cartier: The Proposal 
Directed by Sean Ellis 

Not to be mistaken by the commercial Hollywood romcom flick starring American actress Sandra Bullock and Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, Sean Ellis’ “The Proposal” pays homage to love and the art of loving in a refined artistic way. 

Set in the beautiful milieu of Paris, the city of lights and romance, the film revolves around three love stories, three couples and three unexpected declarations.

Working together with French screenwriter Olivier Lecot, Ellis created three Parisian love stories with cameo appearance by the iconic Cartier box within three notable locations: the world-famous Musée Rodin, in the lift of a philharmonic concert hall and at the Paris airport.

An ensemble piece in which original romances intersect during the course of three proposal, The Proposal starts with a treasure hunt in the gardens of the Musée Rodin. 

Imbued with youthfulness and affection, the stage, featuring actress Christa Theret, draws to a close at the front of the famous Thinker sculpture. 

At the end of the first stage, Christa was presented by her lover with a Solitaire Cartier Destinée platinum ring, paved with brilliant-cut diamonds, brilliant-cut diamond central stone.  

In the second stage, two lovers met in a rushed series of missed opportunities in front of the lift of a Parisian concert hall. In an occurrence, the lovers, played by Franco-Irish actor Oisin Stack and actress Ana Girardot, finally met. 

The dashing Franco, dressed in smartly tailored suit presented a gift to Ana, who was dressed in an eye-catching red dress, a white gold ring with 18 baguette-cut diamonds weighing 2.16 carats and 36 diamonds weighing 1.76 carats.  

Last but not least is the third story, which features a completely unexpected declaration that unfolds in a dramatic way. 

Set at the airport, the third story revolves around the relationship of a husband, played by actor Nicolas Bridet and his wife, played by Anne Charrier. 

After a passport is stolen and finally returned, the husband elicited a “remarriage” proposal. To make his proposal more interesting and romantic at the same time, he pops the question with a Trinity Ruban Solitaire ring lavished with a 1.50-carat diamond (also available in versions from 0.50 to 4.99 carats) and 125 diamonds weighing 1.29 carats. 

The Proposal by Sean Ellis will be available for public viewing online starting from February 2nd, 2015. 

Miss Dior: “It’s Miss, Actually” 
Directed by Anton Corbijn 

After more than half a century being portrayed as an innocent, preppy girl next door who embraces tradition and convention, Miss Dior is ready to abandon the restricting conventionality for a new personality that is empowered with bravery and liberty. 

In the new short film directed by cult New Wave director Anton Corbijn, Miss Dior, a role portrayed by actress Natalie Portman is seen walking down the aisle in a haute couture Dior gown. As the bride reaches the altar, she starts to unveil a new side of her - an antithesis to her archetypal characteristic.  

With a cheeky peal of laughter, she leaves her groom at the altar and run to a nearby field where she sheds her couture gown, unveiling a simple little black dress underneath. 

Next, she heads to the cliffs where a helicopter awaits. She then takes control of the vehicle and whisks herself away to where she is destined to be. 

Using “Piece of My Heart” by legendary singer the late Janis Joplin as the love anthem of the film, “It’s Miss, Actually” is a casual new age invitation to women to free themselves from traditional restrictions and design their own destiny.  

Miss Dior’s “It’s Miss, Actually” starring Natalie Portman will debut on on February 4th, 2015. 

*Photos by Nicolas Gouhier/ABACA ,courtesy of Cartier and Dior. 

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