The Essence of Contemporary Masculinity ... Bulgari Man in Black and Bulgari Man Extreme

How does a man’s masculinity is measured? Is it by his brawn, his brain, his paramount ego, his patience or his sensitivity? 

Well, the truth is, there is no proper yardstick that can be used to measure a man’s “manliness” and all of the above factors are oftentimes, acceptable. 

However, if only we could distill the spirit of masculinity from a man’s soul and turn it into an intoxicating essence kept safely within a flacon, it would certainly result Bulgari Man in Black and Bulgari Man Extreme — two sensational fragrances for men by the renowned contemporary Italian jeweller. 

A neo-oriental Eau de Parfum, Bulgari Man in Black is the new addition to the Bulgari Man trilogy. Inspired by the timeless legend of the descending of Vulcan, the ancient Roman god of blacksmiths, fire and volcano, the new fragrance harnesses the power of the Mediterranean and the extreme unbridled strength of the earth. 

Subsequently, it also captures the virile essence of of a modern man; designed to be worn by a man whose personality and qualities reflect a very modern yet unmistakable masculinity. 

An olfactory expression of all paradoxical nuances that make up a modern man, Bulgari Man in Black represents his exuberant vitality, his awareness of his flaws and most importantly, his willingness to overcome them all. 

In the words of renowned master perfumer and the “nose” of Bulgari, Alberto Morillas, the fragrance is a truly compelling fragrance that verges on hypnotic. 

“Bulgari Man in Black is a creation with a strong personality,” Morillas elaborated. “It possesses a touch of the neo-dandyism of the contemporary man, someone who is confident in his magnetism and like a connoisseur, dares to cultivate his passion for beautiful objects infused with history. This singular architecture of Bulgari Man in Black is dedicated to such a man.” 

Characterised by a sensual neo-oriental influence, Bulgari Man in Black opens with luminous yet addictive top notes of spicy tobacco, amber and rum. 

The accords of tuberose, iris absolute and leather imparts a sense of sophistication to the heart, further amplifying the eau de parfum’s mesmerising appeal. 

Giving the fragrance a bewitching and seductive ending is the sultry base that comprises benzoin, tonka bean and Guaiac wood. 

The irresistible essence is then bottled in an ebony-hued flacon, designed to evoke the colour of the volcanic rocks of Stromboli and the Aeolian Islands. 

On the other hand, Bulgari Man Extreme is created as an expression of total masculinity, without any hint of affectation. Also inspired by the legend of the Vulcan, the fragrance mirrors a new perspective of the ancient god as a veritable creator taming the undefeated wild. 

Juxtaposing intense and long-lasting Mediterranean freshness with sophisticated woodiness, Bulgari Man Extreme opens up with the bursting freshness of citrus, derived from the juicy pink grapefruit and Calabrian bergamot, laced with the sap of cactus.

In its heart, the accords of white freesia, Guatemalan cardamom and vegetal amber provide its inensity. Ending the scintillating harmony is the woody base notes derived from Balsa wood, Haitian vetiver and Laotian Benzoin.  

To purvey arresting impact and to personify the Bulgari Man trilogy, model Patrick Petitjean has been chosen to bring to life the modern personification of the ancient deity. Armed with indisputable aesthetic beauty, Petitjean portrayed Vulcan as a lover of solitude and nature. 

With ebony-hued sand beach dominated by a monolithic hulk that represents the mythic Stromboli volcano and flowing fiery lava, he channeled that ancient god of fire as an icon of eternal virility who effortlessly harnessing the power that rises from the evocative landscape. 

The Bulgari Man fragrance trilogy is available now at all authorised Bulgari counters and beauty emporias nationwide.

*Images courtesy of Bulgari   


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