Let's Live it Up in Levi's This Lunar New Year!

At a certain point of my life, I began to wonder what life is like without a pair of jeans. 

Call it an exaggeration of sort or a First World problem, as most people would likely to label it today, but jeans has been part and parcel of my personal style. 

Not only it represents a sentiment of freedom — as what most political propaganda would have claimed back in the days of the Cold War — a pair of jeans is always and forever will be an inevitable style icon in its own right. 

Moreover, it is also a piece of garment that you can put on in any situation without having to think too much. And there was a time when I reached to an extent, thinking that people who don’t wear and own even a pair of jeans must be an awkward lot!

Since the last decade, Levi’s has been one of the go-to brands for me when it comes to jeans, just like millions of other jeans connoisseurs around the world. What used to be a basic invention worn by the gold miners during the Gold Rush days in the sunny California created by Levi Strauss circa 1873 has become an essential to every fashionista’s wardrobe, regardless of age and gender.   

In conjunction with the upcoming Lunar New Year celebration, for the first time, Levi’s is extending an invite to its fans to live up their auspicious celebration with Levi’s Chinese New Year Edition. Conjured specially for one of the biggest and most important festivities in Asia, the Levi’s CNY edition boasts a selection of outfits that express individuality and style. 

Red, a colour that is synonymous with the iconic Levi’s tab, has always been regarded in the Chinese culture as a colour that represents the atmosphere of the auspicious celebration as well as cutting edge fashion. For the Chinese New Year edition, Double Stitch series, 511 skinny cut and 504 straight cut are the major highlights for men. 

These three iconic Levi’s silhouettes are further amplified with features that are unique for the CNY edition such as red leather patch and ‘ram’ prints or embroideries on the pocket fabric,which brings good fortune t to the entire lunar year of Goat. Furthermore, black buttons and rivets with Double Stitch features purveys bolder yet contemporary effect to the entire look. 

Also unique to the Levi’s CNY edition is the addition of red bandanna with paisley-styled ram prints at the back pocket that can be styled according to your own preferences. Use it to cover your head; roll it and wrap it around your forehead or just fold it into a triangle and wear it around your neck. 

As for tops, the iconic Levi’s red snap buttons in red are used for the men’s shirt but if you prefer for something more edgy and easier to wear, opt for the paisley-styled ‘ram’ print t-shirt in either red or black. 

Same goes to the women’s collection with skinny jeans as its main highlight. Available in several colour permutations including the iconic Levi’s red, the jeans are given more feminine approach such as non-denim fabric pockets fitted within different cuts of jeans, bringing forth the illusion of long legs and accentuates the curves of her body. 

Also unique to the women’s collection is the usage of gold zippers and prominent accessory in the form of red belt and bandanna. The bandanna in the women’s collection are placed at the front side of the jeans and can be styled according to your own whim and fancy. To give your look an outstanding edge, wear the bandanna as a headscarf, just like the classic Russian peasants. 

To herald the arrival of the special edition collection, celebrity style icon Shawn Yue has been roped in to star in the advertising campaign. 

Representing a new generation of fashionistas who are not afraid to embrace freedom and what Levi’s jeans stands for — an American tradition, symbolising the vitality of the West to people all over the world — Shawn and fellow celebrity Ai Fei are seen living up every moment of the festivity with absolute pomp and joy. 

Making the collection a precious addition to any Levi’s collector’s keepsake is that the Levi’s CNY Edition pieces are only available to selected markets in Asia such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. Available now at all Levi’s stores and authorised retailers, the pieces are priced from RM79.00 for a ‘ram’ print bandanna tee to RM299.00 for a Double Stitch Five Pocket Jeans 511 Slim Fit. 

*Photos courtesy of Levi’s

To locate your nearest Levi’s store or to purchase the CNY Edition pieces online, visit http://www.levi.com.my/          


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