A Brand New Beat ... Saint Laurent FW2015-16 Menswear Collection

To label Saint Laurent as an effortless fashion label is so inappropriate. 

To tell you the truth, it takes a lot of effort if you want to be dressed in Saint Laurent, especially the menswear.

For instance, I have no qualms that many men out there may have been terrified by the sight of the super skinny trousers worn by the models on the runway. 

So terrified, they would start thinking or wondering if they should start starving themselves until their sinewy legs shrink so they could fit into one of those trousers successfully.

Nevertheless, Slimane and Saint Laurent too has proven that one can be eccentric, lavish and utterly practical at the same time.

Like the previous seasons, Slimane continues to play around the same subjects within his collection inspirations: Parisian dandies of the ever chic Rive Gauche (Left Bank) and high octane 70s rock n’ roll glamour (think the inevitable Mick Jagger and David Bowie) and punk, all rolled into one.

A glance at the opening look - a coat with striped round neck top in black and white and super slim trousers that elongates the legs - immediately reminds me of the late Belgian singer Jacques Brel who used to be famous for his chart-topping songs Ne Me Quitte Pas (once covered and popularised by the late Nina Simone) and Les Feuilles Mortes (The Autumn Leaves). 

I also could imagine how Brel would look in that look as he croons, walking down the Parisian arrondisement strewn with fallen leaves on an autumn day - tres romantique!

There’s also hints of beatnik such as berets and graphic turtleneck tops in monotonous black and white. The black polka dot chiffon shirt worn with a matching scarf and tailored jacket with high shine placket would certainly add a sense of eccentricity to the toned down beatnik-influenced look.

For many seasons, leather has played an integral part in Slimane’s collection for Saint Laurent - not just because it is part of the rock n’ roll culture but because autumn and winter are oftentimes “blessed” with unbearable temperature, thus a good pair of leather trousers or a well-cut leather jacket would be a good investment piece to keep you comfortable.

This season, leather pants are given ultimate rock star treatments such as swirls of zippers and cut-outs exposing metallic leather lining. 

So hot, these pants are enough to make rock icons like Slash or James Hetfield of Metallica clamouring for one - provided they are willing to lose some weight to fit their legs into them. Furthermore, these pants also go well with graphic varsity jacket or leopard print blazer. 

Aside being a label that requires effort for one to wear, Slimane also invites, or rather, challenges men to be braver and different from the others. 

The daring pieces are glittery barely-there mesh top, lace shirt featuring snake skin pattern, an intricately embellished jacket with contour-like pattern and a shocking pink fur coat that harks back to the one worn by Gwen Stefani back in her younger days with No Doubt.

While most of the looks are looking great when they are left to their own, accessories may add some pizzazz to the looks. What’s more, the accessories, like the ready-to-wear, are absolutely effortless. 

Complementing the menswear are accessories such as skinny ties, skinny belts, a selection of scarves in different lengths, brogues in polished leather, berets and sunglasses.

Apart from the menswear, Slimane also released a number of looks for womenswear comprising both dresses and outerwear. Sleek yet elegant, the pieces - both dresses and outerwear - are richly embellished with glistening beads, boasting either contemporary geometrical patterns or exotic animal patterns and above-the-thigh hemlines. 

Saint Laurent FW2015-16 menswear and accessories collection will be available at select Saint Laurent stores worldwide by the third quarter of the year.

*Photos courtesy of Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent - Lot 2.32, Level 2, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur


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