Untie The Seductive Knot ... The Knot by Bottega Veneta EDP

From being an inevitable feature on its renowned hand-tooled clutches to a subject of a beautiful retrospective, the Bottega Venetta knot is basking underneath the limelight. 

Recently, the iconic brainchild of fashion designer and the maison's Creative Director Tomas Maier has earned another incarnation that truly befits its iconic status – a fragrance.

An olfactory epitome of the Italian Riviera, The Knot by Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum (EDP) elicits a distinct memory that sends you back to the time and place where you knew you once belonged. Just like Maier's vision: a sanctuary from reality, overlooking the sparkling sea. The interior is illuminated by sunlight streaming in through its windows, which are open wide, ushering in a bracing saltwater breeze tinged with the scent of peonies from the garden and the redolence of clementine trees from the hills nearby and afar, combined with the essence of freshly laundered linens.

Like its storied leather goods crafted using interciatto technique by skilled artisans, the fragrance was conceived in accordance with the brand's ethos and dedication to utmost quality and inevitable craftsmanship.

To materialise Maier's vision of a meditative seaside interlude, master perfumer Daniela Andrier transformed the imagery into olfactive experience using impressions. 

The first impression of bright and exotic Clementine Tree was created using citrus essence of Mandarin, Limette, Neroli and Orange flowers. Take your first whiff and your senses will be immediately awaken by the tanginess and the freshness of the zesty citrus notes, derived from the abundant citrus orchards that line along the seducing Mediterranean coasts.

Moving into the heart, Andrier uses lavender as the centre point of the fragrance. As long as time could remember, lavenders have been used by launderers to impart pleasant scent to the freshly laundered clothes, including the freshly laundered linens within Italian seaside homes. 

The lavender note is further embellished with rose and peonies, providing lush sensuality to the fragrance. Ending the harmony olfactory portrait of a rustic seaside Italian escapade is the earthy notes derived from musk and tonka beans. The amber-hued juice is later bottled into a meticulously crafted flacon that earned its inspiration from the storied Venetian glasswork and the traditional Italian carafe. 

Soft, rounded curves are juxtaposed with powerful lines, creating an arresting silhoutte that elevates the flacon to a greater new level – an object of timeless beauty and pleasing simplicity. 

Befitting its name, the fragrance's bottle cap boasts oro matt with the iconic knot that adorns its must-have clutches, hence imparting genuine luxurious feel with a mix of classic and contemporary vision.

To portray the essence of The Knot by Bottega Veneta fragrance, Australian model Julia Nobis has been chosen to front its ad campaign. 

Shot in New York City by photographer David Armstrong, the campaign mingles painterly, naturally-lit background with her multi-layered beauty, hence resulting a harmonious outlook that boasts both soulful, womanly quality with innate allure and restraint, in line with the spirit of Bottega Veneta and the Knot.

The Knot by Bottega Veneta EDP is available now at all Bottega Veneta stores and Bottega Veneta fragrance counters at leading fine department stores worldwide.

*Photos by Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta - Lot 2.30.00, Level 2, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur


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