Take Charge and Recharge Your Skin ... Age Rescue + Water Charged Gel Cream Plus Ginseng Extract

Of late, men of our generation have realised how important it is to maintain healthy skin. 

Albeit not to the extend of finding flawlessness or perfection, to have glowing skin with minimal or faint line appearances is just as important as owning a bespoke designer suits or pairs of polished designer leather shoes.

While Asian skin tend to mature slowly compared to their Caucasian counterparts due to the region’s high humidity, these days, it is possible to see men who are in their 20s but appear as if they have reached their 40s. All thanks to the major climatic changes that are taking place at rapid pace.

Global warming, pollution, lifetime dependency on air conditioners as well as unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking, excessive consumption of salt and sugar are the contributing factors to pre-mature ageing among today’s generation.

To combat pre-mature ageing concern, the scientists of Lab Series Skincare for Men by Aramis have worked together to develop a solution that does not only zap out those unwanted lines but also, keeping your skin hydrated all day long. Introducing Age Rescue + Water Charged Gel Cream plus Ginseng, a breakthrough anti-ageing solution for men by Lab Series Skincare for Men.

An advanced daily age fighting gel cream that drenches the skin, Age Rescue + Water Charged Gel Cream Plus Ginseng Extract combats first visible signs of aging skin such as the appearance of lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and fatigue look. Infused with two differentiating factors – water –in-silicone phase and “double burst” sensation – the cream imparts a feeling of cool splash of water on a hot summer day. 

The water-in-silicone formulation creates a smooth surface on the skin while simultaneously seal in hydration for an extended period of time. 

On the other hand, the “double burst” works by providing sensorial experience – the “first burst” is the initial weightless feeling that you will feel upon applying the cream. Following suit is the “second burst”, which is an explosion of refreshing, cooling and energising water.

 “This formula and texture is a new innovation for The Estée Lauder Companies,” said Justina Mejia, Executive Director, Product Development, Lab Series Skincare for Men. “We took inspiration from traditional gel creams but engineered the Water-Charged Gel Cream with an extra layer for hydration delivery and moisturisation.”

Mejia further added, “The physiology of a man’s skin is at the heart of all our products, and we identified that a water-in-silicone formula structure would deliver an optimal moisture barrier that could sustain the gruelling activity of a man.”

The secret to its effectiveness lies in a number of special ingredients such as Hydra Burst Complex ™ that is a mélange of humectants, polymers and natural conditioning factors that provide immediate hydration to the skin; A0-10 ™, a complex of 10 anti-oxidants that neutralises visible damages caused by the environment; G-Action™, an encapsulation of energising Ginseng plant that amplifies the skin’s natural recovery potential for a revitalised look; and Double Peptide Blend that fuses two powerful peptide to help supporting and boosts the skin ‘s natural collagen production.

Within four weeks of use, users could experience visible difference to their skin. Your skin starts to revitalise and appears to be fully energised. 

Moreover, thanks to the adequate hydration the cream gel provides to the skin, your skin will appear brighter with a dash of healthy glow. 

But of course, the most important difference that you will experience during or after four weeks of constant usage is the diminished appearance of lines and wrinkles. That being said, restoring youth to your lacklustre skin once more is absolutely possible.

“What makes this product so great for our city living men, Age Rescue+ Water - Charged Gel Cream provides anti-oxidant protection to help defend against damaging effects of environmental aggressors—pollution, such as ozone,” said Mejia. “The product helps ward off the ageing effects that living in densely populated cities and urban environments can have on skin’s appearance.”

Age Rescue+ Water - Charged Gel Cream Plus Ginseng retails at RM 216.00 and is available now at all authorised Lab Series Skincare for Men counters.

*Photos courtesy of Lab Series Skincare for Men  

To locate your nearest Lab Series Skincare for Men counters, log on to http://www.labseries.com.my/


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