Eva Green Stars in Campari's Mythology Mixology 2015 Calendar

We have reached the finale of 2014 and 'tis the season for Campari calendar! 

If Spanish actress Penelope Cruz was chosen to grace last year's calendar, this year, the mantle for 2015 goes to another seductive actress from the land of Eiffel Tower and haute couture, Eva Green.

Entitled 'Mythology Mixology', the 2015 Campari calendar celebrates Campari's unique and intriguing history and the intrinsic stories linked to 12 of its best-loved classic cocktails. 

Each page of the calendar spins a story on the beginning of every cocktail created by Campari, starting with the classic Negroni that was concocted by Count Camillo Negroni in 1919 to the contemporary Campari Orange Passion.

Shot by photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten, Julia used her signature style that juxtaposes highly creative settings and cinematic lighting to visually narrate stories whilst capturing a sense of timelessness – the central theme of this year's calendar.

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to shoot the 2015 Campari Calendar with Eva Green as the star,” she enthused. “What I loved most about this year's theme was the flexibility it gave me as a photographer. My own work is all about telling stories, so shooting the calendar felt very close to my heart.”

The globally renowned photographer further added, “With a twist of history, we also made it very contemporary, showing the timelessness of Campari as a brand. I hope others love it as much as I do.”

To bring Campari and Fullerton-Batten vision to life, actress Eva Green, whose silver screen portfolio ranging from the 007 franchise (Casino Royale as Bond Girl Vesper Lynd) to Artemisia in Frank Miller's periodic epic 300: Rise of the Empire, played her role as a muse to the brand. 

Draped in haute fashion confections crafted by leading fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Versace, Azzedine Alaia with stunning footwear by Christian Louboutin, Green effortlessly personified the iconic, classic and stylish nature of Campari.

“For me, this project was about much more than simply producing a Calendar. It was about telling a series of stories in an imaginative, creative and beautiful way – and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved,” said Eva on her involvement in the calendar. “This year, those stories are closer to the heart of Campari than ever before and I personally feel very honoured to have been part of that.”

Like Fullerton-Batten, the French beauty further enthused, “The 2015 Calendar is a real testament to Campari as a brand and seeing all of the stories together in one collection just proves that no matter how old these recipes may get, there will always be a firm place for Campari within our contemporary world.”

With only 9,999 copies are produced, the Campari calendar is certainly a highly sought after collectors' item as it will not go on sale but rather, globally distributed to friends of Campari around the world. 

Nevertheless, fans are invited to view the images across Campari social media feeds that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Use the hashtag #CampariCalendar and let Eva guide you through a virtual world as she explore each of the cocktails featured in the 2015 calendar.

*Photos courtesy of Campari  


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