Delvaux Pays Homage to Japanese Culture with Le Brillant Red Moon

When we talk about Belgian fashion, we could not help it but to drop names such as Ann Demeulemeester, Dries van Noten, Haider Ackermann and Jose Enrique Oña Selfa just to list a few. 

However, before these names made their niche in the industry and took Belgian fashion scene one step forward to global fame, there is one name that surpasses them all. The name is none other than Delvaux.

Founded by Charles Delvaux in 1829, the world's oldest fine leather luxury house has created more than 3000 handbags filled with fantasy and wit.

These fabulous creations are all documented within its Le Livre D'or or the Golden Book – a registry of the company's product in a magnificent set of bounded volumes. Even after 185 years of its existence, every new creation continues to be thoroughly described, sketched and catalogued.

Here's a unique fact that will make you fall in love with Delvaux's creation – at the house, envisaging a handbag is akin to envisaging and materialising a sculpture. 

Using intricate techniques and genuine precision to develop excellent structured shapes, only the finest skins sourced from the best tanners in France and Italy are used in its construction. Apart from its notable daring proportions and the use of architectural lines, Delvaux is also known for its unusual treatment of rare exotic leathers such as alligator, porosus crocodile, python, lizard, ostrich and shagreen.

One of its famous silhouettes that is enjoying its iconic status for the longest of time is Le Brillant. Conceived by the brand in 1958, Le Brillant stands as Delvaux's signature design and the perfect embodiment of the house's style. 

A timeless yet sculptural bag, Le Brillant is meticulously crafted and stitched together by hand with 64 pieces of leather and and gold-plated brass hardware. Its unique and always identifiable look has made it the choice of many renowned personalities, both old and contemporary.

This year, Delvaux has taken one step further by expanding its presence in the dynamic market of Japan with the opening of its first flagship store. 

Located at the heart of Omotesando, Tokyo's renowned high end shopping circuit, the store carries a complete selection of Delvaux products including its iconic carrier Le Brillant. 

To commemorate the event, a special Red Moon party was organised by the house. Attended by celebrities, socialites and customers, the event was highlighted with the introduction of a special edition Le Brillant called Le Brillant Red Moon.

Designed as a stylish homage to the Japanese culture and history, the bag features astounding craftsmanship in forms of incredible detailing and the use of high-quality skins. 

Furthermore, the red lacquered buckle and the red leather moon that is perfectly centred on each piece of white leather – both require time consuming and rather delicate stitching process – reflect the Japanese legendary fondness of precision as well as a tribute to the ancient Urushi technique.

Available in medium size, only 10 Le Brillant Red Moon are produced and each bag is hand-numbered by the artisans. This bag will be sold exclusively at the new Delvaux's boutique in Tokyo.

*Photos courtesy of Delvaux

Delvaux - 1st Floor, GYRE Building, 5-10-1, Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 


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