30 Things You Want for Christmas ... Holiday 2014 Collection by Bobbi Brown

They say ‘tis the time to be merry. Yes, everyone could attest to that. However, looking pretty is also part of the merriment. 

As Christmas is often regarded as the time where indulgence – more or less – is always acceptable, why don’t you indulge yourself with these fabulous Holiday Collection 2014 from Bobbi Brown?

What is Holiday Collection 2014?
Like a tradition of sort, each year, renowned make-up artist Bobbi Brown will entice and surprise her ardent fans with a collection of beautiful shades that spell sexy, strong and utmost confidence. 

Furthermore, this year’s collection seemed special because the inspiration behind it is the late silver screen legend Lauren Bacall whose style is as legendary as her sultry “whistling” performance in the iconic film noire flick Casablanca.

Why should I get them before it’s too late?
Everything in this world is made to complement one another. A good dress should go well with a good set of makeup. 

Hence, what would suit that newly acquired designer dress of yours with a set of fabulous Christmas-exclusive colours, meticulously crafted by the beauty legend of our time herself, the one and only Miss Bobbi Brown?

What are the must have beauty tool from this collection that will transform me into the belle of the ball?
Basically, you will be enticed to get EVERYTHING from the collection but must-haves from the Bobbi Brown Holiday 2014 collection are Highlight Powder in Bronze Glow (RM170.00) that gives your Asian skin a beautiful sun-kissed touch; Lip colours (RM88.00) to amplify the sexiness of your pout; and nail polish (RM54.00) in two stunning colours – Bordeaux and Fireside.

Kate Upton looks gorgeous in the Holiday 2014 Collection advertising campaign. How do I emulate her look? 
Well, explaining the steps one by one would be absolutely tedious, my dear. However, fret not. Just refer to the chart (courtesy of Bobbi Brown) or better still, visit your nearest Bobbi Brown store for assistance by the professionals. 

By the way, the look is called Scotch of the Rock, darling!

Oh my, this collection is just too fabulous to be missed. Where and when can I get them?
Bobbi Brown Holiday 2014 Collection is available now at all Bobbi Brown stores worldwide. Prices range from RM54.00 onwards.

*Photos courtesy of Bobbi Brown

To locate your nearest Bobbi Brown store, visit www.bobbibrown.com


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