30 Things You Want for Christmas ... Microsculpture Scène Panthères Watch by Cartier

There is a saying – sort of – that a man's worth is determined by the watch he wears. 

If he wore a simple watch, then he may be a laid-back person. However, if he always take his things seriously, then you are able to tell it through that complicated look of the watch he's wearing.

For 160 years, Cartier has been developing and crafting watches that are not only functional but replete with sophistication, unique meticulous movement and most importantly, unparalleled aesthetic value, making them sought-after pieces by horlogerie collectors around the world. 

This Christmas, give your beloved timepiece aficionado the Microsculpture Scène Panthères watch by Cartier.

What is a Microsculpture Scène Panthères watch?
As its name suggests, Microsculpture Scène Panthères watch is an exquisite timepiece that features not only elegant yet complicated movement but also painstakingly crafted microsculpture scene.

Why must every avid watch connoisseur own it?
When you purchase a Cartier watch, you are not only purchasing a timepiece. Rather, you are investing in a delicate work of art. The intricate savannah scene with a pack of panthers on the dial, for instance, took more than 100 man hours for the artisan to sculpt due to its unusually small size. Moreover, only 30 pieces are made, making it a definite rare Christmas treat.

What is the significance of the Panther to Cartier?
The Panther has been the face of Cartier for the last 100 years. It was introduced by Louis Cartier who grew the brand tremendously and established it as a worldwide leader in luxury. Nevertheless, it was Jeanne Toussaint, the then Cartier's Artistic Director of High Jewellery who pushed the feline's envelope to a greater height by introducing the first panther ring, using yellow gold and black enamel.

It looks flashy from far. How many brilliants are there on the crown?
This jewellery tourbillon watch boasts 247 brilliants paved or beaded around its crown, weighing at 6.52 carats. The casing is made from rhodiumised white gold with manual winding and in-house developed flying tourbillon at 9458 calibre.

Say if I accidentally dropped it into the water, will I be able to save it?
Good question! Besides being qualified with Geneva Seal, the watch is also water resistant. It can also withstand deep waters, as deep as 30 meters or 100 feet.

Where and when can I get it?
Due to its limited availability, it is best for you to pay a visit to the nearest Cartier boutique and inquire.

*Photos by Laziz Hamani/courtesy of Cartier

Cartier – Lot C-G05 & 105A, Ground & 1st Floor, Persiaran Petronas, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.  


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