30 Things You Want for Christmas ... The Nike Breathe Collection

Living close to the Equator line means it is all about the sun and the rain all year round. 

Add in the sometimes pleasant climate and the abundance of lush greenery, it all makes running a great physical exercise to do on daily basis.

If you are an avid runner who are looking for new pair of cool trainers, look no further to Nike's new Breathe Collection. 

Exclusively designed for the Southern Hemisphere market, the Nike Breathe Collection brings forth summer-focused performance benefits to sports classics. In a way, it is a sneaker imbued with summer spirit!

What is Nike Breathe Collection?
Inspired by the hot and humid condition of Brazil, a South American country that is known for its climatic diversity – tropical in the north; sub-tropical in the middle and temperate with well-defined four seasons in the south – Nike Breathe Collection is made for those who are always on the go. One minute they may be hanging out at the beach and before you know it, they are running on full speed next.

Why do I have to own a pair when I have hundreds stashed in my shoe wardrobe?
Not all sneakers are designed to be the same. In Nike Breathe Collection, the sneakers are designed with outstanding features that could easily enhance your performance such as breathable and lightweight materials. Furthermore, utmost comfortability can be achieved and is enough to keep up with any warm-weather activities.

Will it do any good to me in terms of improving my running performance?
Running is all about agility and being lightweight is the key to better performance – the lighter your shoes, the faster you can move. Moreover, the ultra-breathable material such as spacer mesh creates pockets of air between the upper materials, hence increasing airflow into the feet. In a way, you can have both speed and odourless feet in one package.

How many types are there?
There are three types you can choose from – Nike Air Max Lunar 1, Nike Air Max 1 and Nike Roshe Run – and each is made to suit different needs. Nike Air Max Lunar 1 features coloured window that complements the mesh upper and unites both lightweight cushioning and flexibility; Nike Air Max 1 sheds weight and improves breathability thanks to the stripping of its traditional leather, suede and synthetic overlays; and Nike Roshe Run is all about vivid colours and cool style.

Where and when can I get them?
The Nike Breathe Collection is available at all Nike stores and authorised Nike resellers from this month onwards. The Nike Air Max Lunar 1 retails at RM 499.00; Nike Air Max 1 at RM 409.00 and Nike Roshe Run at RM329.00.

*Photos courtesy of Nike

To locate your nearest Nike store or authorised Nike retailer, visit www.nike.com for more information.  


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