30 Things You Want for Christmas ... L'Or de Vie La Creme and La Serum by Dior

If ageing could be stopped forever, then Juan Ponce de Leon, the Spanish explorer, would have not embarked on a journey across the Atlantic to find the cure for eternal youth. 

These days, we are honestly exposed to many options to remain youthful, inside and out. While Botox may be the preferred instant way out for some, rest assured there are many of us who would prefer to do it in a painless way. 

Furthermore, delaying the process itself at a rapid pace would be a good choice rather than going under the surgeon's knife. Thus, prolong your skin's youthfulness with L'Or de Vie by Dior.

What is L'Or de Vie?
Produced by the scientists of Dior beauty laboratory, L'Or de Vie is a new and innovative creation that helps to slow down the ageing process.

Why it is highly coveted?
Just like its name, which means 'The Gold of Life”, L'Or de Vie could be equalled to the mythical Fountain of Life. The secret to its effectiveness lies in the main ingredient: The sap of Chateau Yquem vines. A true botanical wonder, Yquem vine sap is packed with exceptional antioxidant with unequaled power. Through Dior Science, a new power has been revealed: the Yquem sap is capable of stimulating a very wide array of genes known to act upon the skin's longevity. What's more, one vine produces only one jar of L'Or de Vie, hence making it a precious beauty solution to date.

How many products are there within this collection?
There are a couple of products with the L'Or de Vie collection but the serum and the cream are certainly the stars. The serum has infinitely silky texture that penetrates down to the heart of the skin to diffuse the very essence of Yquem vine sap while the cream deeply recreates new supple and plumped substance to reveal firmer, denser and smoother skin.

How does it work on my skin?
Just like wine quenching your thirst, L'Or de Vie instantly provide relief to the skin and eliminates the signs of ageing, starting from the first drop. In a way, it can be touted as the wine to the skin. After application, your skin will be strengthened, deeply restructured and becomes more resistant; wrinkles are intensely smoothened, making your skin appear plump and toned.

I've been dealing with stubborn dark spots on the skin. Can L'Or de Vie solve this problem for me?
Certainly! Besides contouring the face, it also diminishes the darkest spots. That said, you can look forward to having a skin that glows with utmost radiance and youthfulness, day after day.

Where and when can I get them?
The L'Or de Vie La Serum (RM 1,600.00) and La Creme (RM 1,350.00) are available now at all Dior Beauty and Fragrances counters.

*Photos courtesy of Dior

To locate your nearest Dior Beauty and Fragrances counters, visit www.dior.com for more information.


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