Through the Eyes of A Muse ... Tory Burch SS2015 Collection

Unless you are a fine art student, the name Françoise Gilot may not ring any bell. Unlike her world-renowned partner artist and sculptor Pablo Picasso, the works of Françoise Gilot are rather unknown or least exposed to this part of the world. 

Nevertheless, her anonymity aside, there is one thing for sure that perhaps, everybody in this world may know: The union between the two lovers bore them two children – a son, Claude who is an artist and a businessman, and a daughter, Paloma, who is known for her jewellery design works with revered American jeweller Tiffany & Co. 

Though many would have assumed that Gilot-Picasso relationship could have been the contemporary equivalent of Romeo and Juliet, the truth is their relationship lasted only for 10 years. In 1953, Gilot decided to leave Picasso and took her two children away.

Eleven years after their separation, Gilot wrote a book detailing about her relationship with Picasso entitled Life with Picasso. The book sold over one million copies and was translated in many languages. 

But put aside the controversial life and tumultuous relationship, Françoise Gilot seemed to have a great sense of style – perhaps, one of the traits that her designer daughter Paloma inherited from her. 

Her hair were often coiffed in styles that are popular during the pre- and post-war periods; she wore lots of dresses imbued with clean lines and sometimes, colourful prints. Apart from that, Gilot also loves adorning her neck with outstanding necklaces that are either chunky or ethnic-inspired.

For spring 2015, fashion designer Tory Burch turned to the understated style icon for inspiration. Using the decade when Gilot spent her time with Picasso in Vallauris, France as the storyline for the collection, Burch amalgamates casual and elegant ease.

The lines are soft and there is a playful take that borders between rawness and refinement. It is a collection that embodies a real woman’s day-to-day life, starting from the first day of spring to the last day of summer. 

Patterns such as raffia tweeds, graphic smocking, textured knits paired with digital print counterparts are carefully constructed with engineered approach. 

Geometrical shapes and fringed hemming are dominating the collection, exuding beautiful allusion to the Native American heritage and influence.   

Doused in subtle working palette of sunny yellow, white, black, navy blue and red, just to list a few, the collection is all about effortlessness — an inevitable feature that defines American women style. 

Fringed textured knit top in multicoloured threads paired with medallion and triangle prints raffia skirt and halter neck dress with heavy embellishments conjure a new facet of Tory Burch woman: A world-wise fashionista; a chic adventurer who takes cultural bits and pieces from her extensive travelling, be it across the Yanomami villages in the expanse of the Amazon or deserts of Saudi Arabia. She then liberally mingles it with her urban sense of style, creating an effortless look that is unique to her.  

Silhouette-wise, the slim line approach that does not conform to the body allows women in any body shape to indulge in the relaxing pieces. 

There are also hints of classic sportswear in the forms of slouchy printed trousers worn with geometrical t-shirt and sneakers, textured knit belted shorts and tie-dye print short sleeved top and a simple yet gamine white bib-front shirt with pleated ruffles trim and intricate geometric embroidery details, paired with straight white pants, a multicolour striped belt and a chic pair of oxfords.

The nous of global sophistication is strongly felt in the dresses that are truly versatile and replete with meticulous craftsmanship. Case in point: Woven A-line dress with trompe l’oeil line print accented with leather piping and topstitches print.

Embroidered Grecian geometry leitmotifs in sheen threads further amplify the luxury appeal of the evening wears, such as a sleeveless belted overcoat worn atop a white above-the-knee length dress with geometrical print-adorned flat sandals and a simple gold cuff that coils around the forearm. 

To highlight the spring/summer looks, Burch adds in an assortment of statement accessories in forms of paint-dipped jewellery in whimsical geometric shapes, woven leather flats and colour-blocked handbags to purvey interesting punch.   

Tory Burch spring/summer 2015 ready-to-wear and accessories collection will be available at all Tory Burch stores and selected department stores and multi-brand boutiques next year. 

*Photos courtesy of Tory Burch

Tory Burch - Lot 2.69.01, Level 2, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur; 02-28-32/54, Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, Singapore 23887.


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