Purify Your Skin with One Essential Intense Skin Purifying Booster Serum by Dior

Glowing and lucid skin projects more than a perception of beauty and perfection. It is like a mirror that reflects your health and the projection of your self-confidence. In a way, it is what every man or woman wants. 

While factors such as fatigue, pollution and age factors often influence the condition of our skin, the accumulation of toxins in the body can be labelled as the main culprit, too. 

Defining toxin would certainly require a rocket science sort of explanation. However, like keratin, toxin is a form of protein that present in our bodies but in oxidised clusters. It could be in small molecules or peptides. But one must remember that no two proteins are created equally. Toxins, unlike the neutral keratin, are poisonous and too much toxins in the body is absolutely bad.

Also known to be the invisible beauty enemy, toxins are divided into two types – exogenous (brought in by outside agent such as pollution and UV rays) and endogenous (linked to internal factors such as stress and unhealthy diet) - proliferate and accumulate deep inside our skin. 

The presence of toxins will slowly asphyxiate the skin’s natural system, causing the skin to function abnormally and leading to greater toxic accumulation. And believe it or not, our body – the skin, especially - accumulates approximately seven billion toxins on daily basis  — an unbelievable but true figure. 

Thanks to 20 years of dedicated and breakthrough research, in 2010, the scientists of Dior have added a new milestone to their list of achievements as they discovered a way to eliminate toxins from the depths of the skin by identifying and activating the Proteasome.

A natural enzymatic system that occurs in our bodies, Proteasome’s main role is to eliminate cellular wastes via cellular recycling process. However, its activity would be reduced up to four-fold over the time, due to the chain reaction that increases the number of toxins and asphyxiating the skin’s cellular function. When it happens, cellular regeneration will be blocked, the skin loses its glow and the damage is irreversible.

Four years later, Dior created a new revolution in skin detoxification with the introduction of One Essential Intense Skin Purifying Booster Serum. An extraordinary creation that marries the goodness of nature and the advancement of science and technology, the One Essential formula purifies the skin by eliminating toxins that are accumulating within the heart of the skin cells.

Targeting at the lung of the cells, known as the mitochondrion, One Essential Intense Skin Purifying Booster Serum liberates the skin from the clutches of evil toxins and intensively reenergised it.  

The secret to its efficiency lies in the power of Sabdariffa Hibiscus or Bissap. Boasting a seductive shade of red, just like the classic red lipstick that makes any man’s heart palpitating, the plant is commonly used in Africa as a major ingredient for detoxifying and energetic drink.

According to studies carried by Dior Research, the flower’s delicate calyx that holds the corolla of the petals conceals an extraordinarily potent natural detoxifying property — it stimulates Lon Protease activity in the mitochondria of the skin cells. Furthermore, it also guarantees toxin elimination around the clock and protects the “lung” of the cells. 

The beautiful Sabdariffa Hibiscus plants are planted in and harvested from the Dior Garden at the heart of Koro Ecological and Cultural site in Burkina Faso that spans across 20-hectare site and houses 190 other plant species. Using ancient methods to extract the dark calyxes, the precious part of the hibiscus flower are then dried and laid out to dry naturally. A green extraction process follows suit to draw out the powerful active ingredient with each stage is fully traced, guaranteeing exceptional physicochemical qualities of the hibiscus.

Offering three-dimensional powers, One Essential Intense Skin Purifying Booster Serum purifies and energises the skin continuously and liberates a new lease of energy circulation within the skin. It also optimises the original function of the cells and boosts its power by multiplying the effectiveness of skincare up to four-fold. 

Fresh and buoyant with light rosy hue, the One Essential Intense Skin Purifying Booster Serum embodies Monsieur Dior’s profound love for the colour red. To Dior, red represents life as the hue is imbued with energy and also a beneficial colour, hence its shot red packaging paired with chrome lid – a modernist amalgamation that reflect modernity and sophistication.

Unscrew the lid and you will find a serum that spells utmost luxury; an indulgent treat desired by every skin. Created by Dior master formulators, the lightweight textured serum settles on your skin like a silken veil and leaves the skin soft and smooth without shiny finishing or tensile effect.

Thus, what is the end result? Though results may vary due to various factors, one can look forward to experiencing vivacious and promising results: Facial features are instantly smoothened with the skin radiating a burst of brand new glow that’s vibrant than ever. Yes, you can finally say goodbye to that grey and sullen skin, just as dull and grey as the London skies. Your skin will be imbued with spectacular glow and freshness – a desired end result craved by women and men, everywhere. 

Dior One Essential Intense Skin Purifying Booster Serum is available now at all Dior Beauty and Fragrances counters nationwide and retails at RM430.00  (50ml).

*Photos courtesy of Dior 

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