New York City in Your Mind ... My NY by DKNY

There’s always more to New York than just a city —it’s a state of mind. 

Perhaps, when the Dutch explorers first opened the city, then known as New Amsterdam, little would they know that it will somehow grow into something that is larger than any living thing in the world. 

Let alone being a metropolis where millions of souls coming from all corners of the world converge.

From the yellow cabs to the Times Square billboards that are saturated with images and neon lights, every inch of the city emits inspirations. And these inspirations are immortalised in various forms of arts and literature. Think Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” or the style-drenched sitcom “Sex and the City” as the by-products of New York.

Now, speaking of by-products, if there was ever a bona fide Big Apple souvenir that you can buy without having to step a foot on New York City, that would be DKNY fragrances. Ever since its inception by legendary designer and iconic resident Donna Karan, DKNY fragrances can be beautifully summed as the olfactory embodiment of the city. Every accord and note used to concoct the scent ties back to the energetic vibe of the city – brimming with passion, life and lights.

This year, the layered emotional tapestry of New York is once again encapsulated in the form of a beautiful fragrance by DKNY. Aptly entitled MY NY, the fragrance captures the essence of the city’s modern and urban spirit. 

Powerfully unique, the fragrance serves as a beautiful olfactory mosaic made of New York’s diverse and unique facets. The scent is irresistibly compelling and spontaneously playful at the same time.

Raspberries and Galbanum purveys a sexy introduction to the fragrance with accents of pink pepper fortifies its allure. At the heart of the fragrance, Egyptian jasmine is wrapped with notes of Freesia and Orrisroots to bring out its sensual quality. Whiffs of Patchouli heart LMR, Vanilla absolute and musk conjure rich soulfulness, especially when it is laced with the vibrancy of the Ambergris.

The pink-hued juice is then bottled in an iconic heart-shaped bottle, as lucid as the lights that brighten the New York skyscrapers at night. On top is a silver metallic cap that resembles the aerial view of Manhattan skyline. 

Printed across the carton is a beautiful rendering of pixelated heart stamped with My NY, designed by renowned New York City-based artist Curtis Kulig.

Just as what most people would say when they come to New York, “You can’t help it but to be madly in love with the city,” singer/actress/model Rita Ora too could attest to the notion. Though born in Kosovo and raised in the United Kingdom, the British beauty who is known for the bottle blonde hair and red pucker has been profoundly in love with New York.

A projection of modern individuality through her eclectic style, Rita is as fiercely unique as New York itself and it can be seen in the campaign that was directed and shot by Francesco Carrozzini. In this campaign, Rita, dressed in black leather jackets, sky-high heels and her trademark bright red lips, struts through the busy streets alongside the icons of New York such as the yellow cab and the never ending rushing crowd, making herself part of the city’s eclectic and energetic vibe.

DKNY My NY is available now at all DKNY fragrances counters and beauty emporiums worldwide. In Malaysia, My NY retails at RM 245.00 for 50ml and RM320.00 for 100ml.

*Photos courtesy of DKNY Fragrances 


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