Into the Mysterious Shade of Blue ... Bleu de Chanel EDP Pour Homme

In nature, blue is the colour of the sky and the ocean. Even on certain days, the mountains may be doused in a misty shade of blue, especially on rainy days. 

In psychology, blue represents solitude and peace. It is a hue that opens the flow of communication and broadens your perspective in acquiring and learning new information.

Of all tones and shades of blue, midnight blue possesses a profound depth of mystery. Perhaps it is due to the shade’s association with importance, confidence, power and authority. 

Furthermore, as we look up into the sky, we could see how beautiful the sky, when tinged in a shade that is in between black and blue, complements the brightness of the constellations, just like a set of polished diamonds scattered on the most luxurious velvet. Hence, it is no surprise why the late Gabrielle Chanel was in love with the colour, just as much as she loved the beige and white.

With Chanel’s favourite colour in mind, world renowned perfumer Jacques Polge amalgamated elements such as the freshness of the Mediterranean Sea, galore of citrus fruits, leaves derived from aromatic herbs and vetiver roots, as well as the vibrant nuance of cedar and creamy sandalwood, creating Bleu de Chanel, a contemporary masculine fragrance for the fashion maison.

Debuted in 2010, as Eau de Toilette, Bleu de Chanel represents an olfactory anthem for non-conformist and liberated men — just like the face of the fragrance himself, the dashing French actor Gaspard Ulliel who will entice fashionistas into cinemas with his portrayal as Yves Saint Laurent in the late designer’s upcoming biopic, “Saint Laurent”. 

When it was first launched, the Eau de Toilette features distinguished noble freshness, emanated from the swirl of Calabrian citrus, rubbed mint and aromatic notes of vetiver. Cedar played a role as its heart while creamy sandalwood note settled as its base.

In 2014, Jacques Polge and the fragrance laboratory team reinterpreted the fragrance into Eau de Parfum. Rounder and even more comfortable, the EDP contains amber and possesses almost velvety feel with the prevailing presence of woody notes that float atop aqueous freshness. Citrusy delights present in the form of Sicilian mandarin and lemon notes, which provide subtle bitterness; Haitian vetiver accentuates the citrus notes the first layer of the fragrance unveils.

As we go deeper into its heart, cedar notes and amber vapours mingle with seductive aroma of vanilla and tonka beans harvested from the lush landscapes of Venezuela, creating a woody pulse to its heart. 

Settling at the base of the fragrance is musky woody accord resulted from the juxtaposition of New Caledonian sandalwood that’s creamy and almost milky in nuance with a tinge of addictive softness.

This harmonious olfactory concoction that spells masculine liberation and out-of-the-box thinking is bottled in a broad-shouldered bottle tinged in the mysterious shade that borders between black and blue. Just like its Eau de Toilette counterpart, the Eau de Parfum edition retains its legendary magnetised cap that closes with one click. 

Furthermore, to celebrate the launch of Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum, soap has been created to prolong the pleasure of the scent while in shower. This beautiful white scented bar is nestled in a box of the same intense blue.

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum is available now at Chanel’s Espace Parfum boutique and all Chanel beauty and fragrances counters in two sizes – 50ml and 100ml.

*Photos courtesy of Chanel

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