A Structural Style Cruise ... Sandra Azwan Cruise 2014

Fashion exemplifies time. From the ancient civilisations to modern times, every period comes with its unique fashion definition.

For instance, toga was the ‘in’ thing to wear during Roman Civilisation and thanks to Audrey Hepburn’s portrayal of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, every woman wanted to be seen in that little black dress – a masterpiece of Hubert de Givenchy – back in the 1960s.

However, as fashion entered 21st century, fashion has lost its unique definition. In a way, fashion has literally lost its originality. Past trends, especially silhouettes from the 70s and the 80s are making their comeback on the runways after being kept inside the dusty wardrobes for so long. 

Furthermore, I could also guarantee that the spirits of timeless fashion icons such as late Jacqueline Kennedy, Coco Chanel and Grace Kelly must be tired going back and forth between realms as designers constantly conjure their presence for inspiration.

Nevertheless, there is always silver lining to everything. In fashion’s case, it will be Sandra Azwan’s groundbreaking architectural approach to his design in his Cruise 2014 collection. 

Graduated from the MARA University of Technology in Fashion Design, Sandra does not need further introduction as his creations are often seen in glossy; glamour-laden fashion spreads across major Malaysian fashion publications in Malaysia.

“I’ve always had the drive to create fabulous fashion,” says the designer on his epiphany-like aspiration, attained from the first day of enrolment at UiTM.

Inspired by books, movies, music and architecture, Sandra subsequently develop his love for structural designs that has since become part and parcel of his design DNA.

Even the word ‘fashion’ itself serves as his muse as it thoroughly feeds him and inspires him to conjure a collection of creative confections that serve more than its purpose but also a series of wearable masterpieces. 

Believing that an outfit should reflect a wearer’s personality, Sandra tend to go beyond boundaries to ensure that his designs are unique and original whilst bringing out the character of a woman, especially fashionistas who are willing to take the risk to experiment with novel looks and styles.

For Cruise 2014 collection, Sandra drew his inspiration from the recent World Cup that was held in Rio de Janeiro. Bright, riotous colours - an essential embodiment of Brazilian style and culture - douse the strong structural silhouettes and clean lines.

“I always wanted to create a series of looks that together, made an impact on the catwalk and actually wearable on their own,” Sandra thoughtfully expounds on the idea behind his Cruise collection. 

He continuously asserts, “I wanted to create garments that would fit beautifully and perfectly into everyday life, and would be worn through the eyes of the wearer, how and when they wanted."

Moving away from the typical holiday-esque notion that is omnipresent in most designer collections, the pieces are indeed wearable, providing wearers with inimitable fashion statements. 

Sporty is the theme du jour for Sandra Azwan’s prêt-a-porter collection. Furthermore, the collection also displays two of Sandra’s well-known fortes – creative pattern cutting and sophisticated tailoring.

The energetic nuance is strongly felt in the forms of sport jackets, soft pleated skirts with contrasting hems that are akin to tennis skirts and the utilisation of front zippers – one of the common features that are present in sporting apparels.

Knee-length dresses bring forth the slenderness of women with imposing bone structure and ceaseless bravura while at the same time, imparting unique futuristic feel. Pair it with knee-high gladiator sandals in exotic snakeskin and she’s ready to make all heads turn.

The splendour of architectural approach, most probably derived from the influences of minimalist fashion designers such as Rei Kwakubo of Comme des Garçons and the late Spanish couturier Cristobal Balenciaga liberally runs within the collection.

The influences can be seen in the form of fluid graphic lines and strong, structural panelling that flatter the body shapes and contours of the body. 

On the other hand, simple yet intricate detailing such as pointed pagoda shoulders will certainly enticed fashion risk takers.  

For more information on Sandra Azwan’s Cruise 2014 collection, visit his website at http://www.sandraazwan.com/

*Photos courtesy of Sandra Azwan. 


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