Emma Roberts Embarks on a Stylish Journey in DVF Iconic Wrap Dress

What makes a journey? Depending on what you believe in, it could be anything: the people you’re travelling with, the experience that you went through during the journey, or perhaps, in Diane von Furstenberg’s case, a dress.

40 years ago, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg created – invented would be the best word, indeed – a piece of clothing that would forever alter women’s perception towards the art of s’habiller (dressing). 

In fact, that piece of clothing too shot her name to global stardom and forever cemented her status, not as just one of those style doyennes who defined the fashion sense of the 70s but a true legend in the global history of fashion. 

That piece of clothing is what is fondly known today as the wrap dress.

Over the years, Diane has created a multitude of wrap dresses in various permutations of colours and prints. What’s more, it is also one of many styles that are heavily copied and coveted by women around the world, due to its easy-to-wear nature. 

Yet, to the Belgian-born fashion designer, the wrap dress has its unique significance – the wrap dress is meant to be the ultimate key to a woman’s emancipation.

"That dress has had this amazing life, one I don't seem to have had any control over," she told Celia Walden in an interview with UK’s The Telegraph.

Recently, as part of celebrating the wrap dress’s 40th anniversary, Diane Von Furstenberg embarked on a partnership with actress Emma Roberts as well as a number of other fashion influencers around the world. 

Diane would send her iconic wrap dresses to the influencers (in Emma’s case, the one in the iconic chain link print) and their “journey” in the dress will be documented via social media dispatches, such as photos, written content, and a monthly webisode that can be viewed on DVF YouTube channel.

“The power of the wrap dress comes from women around the world. How they’ve worn it, what they have accomplished, and how it has made them feel,” said Furstenberg. “Every woman has her own style and point of view and I am very excited to see where these women take the dress and how they each make it their own.”

Emma immortalises her journey by wearing the wrap dress and strides along the gorgeous beach area of Malibu in California, a prime real estate haven favoured by the likes of entertainment goliaths such as Cher, Barbra Streisand and Halle Berry. In the video, she spoke a few moments of timeless quality that the DVF dress possessed.

“I am honoured to be an influencer for DVF’s “journey of the dress” to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Diane’s iconic wrap dress,” said Roberts. “Diane has always been a huge influence in my own personal style and has been a trail blazer for women everywhere."

Roberts further continued: "The fact that her iconic style is still more relevant than ever in film, television and culture makes this an exciting moment to be part of this celebratory event.”  

Diane von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dresses are available now at all DVF boutiques and selected department stores and multi-brand boutiques in 55 countries around the world.

*Photos courtesy of DVF

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