Delaying Aging with Elegance and Intelligence ... Le Lift by Chanel

Aging is a beautiful transition, only if it happened in tandem with the appropriate period of time — hence the phrase “aging gracefully”. 

For long, unlike our Caucasian counterparts, the aging process for Asian skin is slow as the hot and humid climate of the Southeast Asia region allows skin to retain its natural moisture longer compared to those who live in countries with cold and dry or arid climate.

However, as the world is going through a slew of dire changes, from the subsequent global warming to constant environmental pollution, as well as other aggressors that are consequently deteriorating our quality of life such as work –related stresses and unbalanced diet. 

Judging from those factors and regardless of where you live, it is not surprising to say that the possibility for our skin to mature and age before its appropriate time is always there.

Proving that the youthfulness of skin is shaped by individual background rather than age or heredity, the scientists of Chanel, a leading skincare purveyor from France, has concocted a line of smart anti-aging skincare products that adapts to the background of the skin, known as Le Lift.

A breakthrough innovation that is meticulously crafted based on a revolutionary science called Epigenetic; Le Lift collection consists three products – Le Lift firming- anti-wrinkle crème, Le Lift firming- anti-wrinkle serum and Le Lift firming- anti-wrinkle eye cream – and it stands as an introduction to a new era of smart skincare, customised to each person’s unique needs, lifestyle and the background of their life.

Now, you may wonder what the secret behind its effectiveness is. Could it be miracle? Well, certainly not. The effectiveness of Le Lift is derived from an exclusive ingredient developed by Chanel laboratory called 3.5DA. 

Sourced from the potent extract of the Edulis Morning Glory plant, extracted from its roots, that is proven to boost the reproduction of key youth proteins, 3.5-DA is a natural active ingredient that is purer, more powerful and more concentrated – a result from 12 years of research.

Like natural radar that detects the needs and problems of the skin from deep within, 3.5-DA intuitively detects and targets individual factors of aging at a molecular level, thus restoring the skin to its optimal firmness. 

As the skin’s youth mechanism slow down due to aggressors such as emotions and daily life stress, the 3.5-DA content within Le Lift neutralises the action and regulates the number of microRnas (miRS) — micro Ribomucleic acid strain that could regulate proteins that can prevent the skin from aging and reactivate the skin’s youth protein production.

A gist on miRS: miRs are very short RNAs (circa 22 nucleotides) that have a direct effect on cellular pathways and processes. 

Unlike full messenger RNAs (mRNAs), they are not able to codify proteins, but they regulate the expression of genes at transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels, mainly by physically interacting with regular mRNA. 

They can also turn off the production of proteins required for a particular process, thus stopping that process at just the right moment in time, and their ability to influence many common cellular processes offers tremendous potential for therapeutic and other applications. 

The finding was made by scientists from Chanel Research and Technology Team, in association with the research team of Professor Gerry Melino, a globally renowned specialist on cell death in cancer and in skin, also a Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Rome.

“Ageing is a very complex process with distinct systemic and skin effects such as on pigment, elasticity, hydration and the very structure of the skin,” he said  to “In our research, we are seeking, first, to understand the effects of aging and, second, to determine how we might alter the process.”

The Le Lift firming anti-wrinkle crème, the star of the collection, comes in two different textures – the normal crème and the crème riche. The crème is lightweight and features soft and creamy texture that is easy to apply and comfortable to the skin. 

The crème is suitable for normal, oily or combination type of skin and can be worn both day and night. Same goes to the crème riche version, where albeit the texture is rich and suitable for those with dry skin, it nourishes the skin by enveloping the surface with velvety-smooth softness.

As a skincare that delivers its promised target, based on the result attained from a self-evaluation test conducted on 30 women, 97% women felt their skin more hydrated; 94% of the users felt their skin smoother than before; 87% felt their skin firmer and toned; while 81% more sees reduction of wrinkles on their skin.

To enjoy the full benefits of Le Lift crèmes, use them together with Le Lift Serum, which contains Reservatol-12 — an innovative ingredient that visibly tones the skin, improving the skin’s elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 

What’s more, its ultra-light formulation provides 12 hours of continuous lifting and firming. For those who are concerned on their eye area, apart from the 3.5-DA, Le Lift eye crème also contains 360-degrees Eye Opening Complex that delivers targeted anti-aging benefits to the total eye area. The crème reduces puffiness and dark circles and make your eyelids appear more lifted. 

Chanel Le Lift collection is available now at all Chanel counters and beauty boutiques. The collection retails from RM428.00 for Le Lift Crème and Crème Riche to RM470.00 for Le Lift Serum. Both le Lift Serum and Le Lift Crème Yeux (RM305.00) will be available from 15 September.

*Photos courtesy of Chanel

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