Syawal Style: Smell Luxurious ... Iconic Scents To Match Your Aidilfitri Style

Next week, the world’s Muslim population will be celebrating Eid to mark the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. 

Falling on the first day of Syawal (one of the months in Islamic calendar), it has been a tradition observed by Muslims around the world, regardless of culture, to put on new clothes and accessories on this auspicious day. 

The reason being Eid is a day where Muslims celebrate their triumphant victory over adversities in overcoming worldly desires and temptations during the fasting month. 

Now that you have your designer clothes ready (I heard local designer collaboration collections with one particular online fashion retailer are selling like hot cakes as this post is written), why don’t you pair your Raya looks with these luxurious scents:

For Him

Dolce & Gabbana The One Gentleman

A scent created by the renowned Italian designing duo Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana; The One Gentleman pays homage to the modern-day gentlemen with audacious and spice-laden scent.  

This fragrance really reflects our gentleman in many things: he is worldly, successful, [and] impeccable but he also boasts something else such as an innate elegance that distinguishes him from the rest. Men would love to be him, women to be his...” the duo remarked on this fragrance.

Imbued with instinctive feel for pure gallantry, The One Gentleman boasts refined elegance and has the cultivated ease that allows him to be an effortless master in any given situation. He is also a gentleman in many things – a worldly, successful man with an innate elegance that sets him apart from the other man.

A fougère fragrance, The One Gentleman starts with an arresting opening – an amalgamation of pepper and grapefruit; the heart is made from shades of lavender with subtle accents of fennel and cardamom – sensuous yet spicy; and the bottom note is where the seductive patchouli rests, enveloped with swirls of sumptuous vanilla.


If you love to challenge yourself by pushing your own boundaries, then you are bound to love the scent of HUGO Red, an iconic men’s fragrance by Hugo Boss.
 Built around two contrasting accords: the ‘Solid Chill’ accord and the ‘Liquid Heat’ accord, which reflect the different facets of cold and hot metal, HUGO Red is a classic fragrance for men that stimulates the wearer and leaves him feeling energized and ready to challenge himself.

The ‘solid chill’ of HUGO Red juice is concocted from grapefruit on the top note with rhubarb in the middle, creating a bitter yet fresh accord. This combination is further accented with metallic accent to stimulate the fundamental strength of solid metal.

On the other hand, its secondary element “Liquid Heat” juxtaposes the notes of classic Cedar wood and the musky warmth of hot amber. The mixture forms the dry-down to convey the heat and fluidity of the red-hot metal. 

Lacoste Challenge Re:Fresh

A far from conventional fragrance, the Lacoste Challenge Re:Fresh is an innovative Time Release Technology that continues to reactivate the scent for hours after it has been put on, serving up a reinvigorating smash of freshness throughout the day – perfect for that non-stop visiting trips on Raya day itself.

Says Lewis Peacock from the P&G Fragrance Design Team: “In a traditional fragrance, the topnote oils, responsible for the fresh initial scent, quickly evaporate from the skin after spraying. This can mean that you lose the first impression of the fragrance quite quickly.

“However, the Time Release Technology traps some of the topnote oils in the perfume, steadily releasing them in new bursts of fresh top notes over time. This allows the fragrance to smell fresher for much longer, as if you had just sprayed it on your skin.”

Lacoste Challenge Re:Fresh opens with sparkling notes of Birch leaf and spicy cardamom that exudes exhilaration. 

At its heart lies the juxtaposition of oregano and rosemary – continuity to the sparkling fresh opening. The down-dry bottom of the fragrance is made of the rich complexity of Patchouli and Tolu balm, giving the fragrance a lasting masculine richness.   

Bulgari Aqua Amara

In a nutshell, Bulgari Aqua Amara is best described as a bottled version of the mythical Garden of the Hesperides. Like its predecessors, Aqua Amara is an olfactory poetical rendition that waxes lyrical on the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, long viewed by the ancient Greeks and Romans as the longstanding symbol of life, fertility and purity.

Inspired by the flacon’s incredibly rich and precious copper colour, I created a luxurious Eau enriched with the noblest materials from the best harvests,” master perfumer Jacques Cavallier comments. “While retaining in a fresh aquatic universe I imagined a fragrance full of energy, bathed in light and brimming with ingredients of exceptional quality”.        

The top notes of the juice fuse the essences of Sicilian Mandarin and Tunisian Neroli while the heart boasts water note that was originally created by Cavallier for Aqua Pour Homme. However, eliminating the marine accent, the water note is crafted using molecules developed with the most advanced technologies to express spring water in all its sparkling glory and mineral-filled properties. 

At the bottom, the heart of Indonesian patchouli forms a luxurious vibration that is enriched with olibabum, adding a composite of density and freshness.  

Good news for single men: Spritzing Bulgari Amara may garner the girls’ attention as the fragrance too appeals to women due to the patchouli note it contained – also known as the scent of success.

For Her

BOSS Nuit Pour Femme

The little black dress started it all, just like antiquated ebony lighter crafted by the most skilful artisan that starts the fire of fiery desire.

A feminine fragrance that is perfectly put together, BOSS Nuit Pour Femme is designed for organised, driven and ambitious women, while at the same time being graceful, elegant and sophisticated. 

A modern composition of feminine floral notes blended with sparkling top notes, BOSS Nuit Pour Femme complements the iconic little black dress effortlessly. Think of it as a finishing touch to that graceful and elegant personal style.

For BOSS Nuit Pour Femme, the top notes are crafted from the juiciness of white peach and combined with the thrilling radiance of wet aldehydic accord for fresh and sparkling effect.

 At the heart, feminine sophistication is manifested by juxtaposing jasmine and white flower bouquets mixed with the sensual softness of white violet. At the base, seduction grows richer with dry down notes of vibrant crystal moss and warm, creamy sandalwood notes that bring forth soft and gentle quality.    

Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One

A rosy fragrance imbued with romantic glow, Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One is a lavishly feminine fragrance laden with mischievous beguiling and tender coquette. Her story is marked by a moment of the most exquisite intimacy; unafraid of everything, her own emotions not least.

According to the designer duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, ““Dolce & Gabbana exists to celebrate femininity, and our inspiration for The One fragrances is the real woman: a woman with different sides, different emotions."

The duo adds, "Rose The One was created to capture her most intimate moments. It is a light, sensual fragrance; a scent that evokes the luxurious sensuality of bathing in rose petals.”

Rose The One by Dolce & Gabbana opens with alluring top notes of flirtatious yet succulent rush of citrus goodness – Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin and Cassis – that invigorates the spirit. 

At the heart is the feminine bouquet of Peony, Lily, Lychee and the graceful Bulgarian Rose, the core and the inspiration of the fragrance. Down to the bottom is a tenderly sensual musk and amber concoction, evoking both evocative and soul-stirring silage.  

Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme

The playful and sensual spirit of Lacoste is captured and immortalised into a bottle of feminine essence, aptly known as Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme.

An outstanding yet lavish sensorial experience, Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme represents the important trinity of Lacoste as a revered fashion brand: The iconic crocodile, the petit piqué cotton and the classic lineage of the fashion label.

Taking the crispiness and the clean nature of cotton – the main “ingredient” for Lacoste’s iconic piqué cotton shirts – a bouquet of white flowers is combined with soft sensuality and creamy balsamic tones, adding a resonant base.

Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme is composed by the sparkling freshness via juicy top notes of White Pineapple, with Mandarin and Bergamot from the unspoilt Italian region of Calabria. 

The white floral accents of the Orange Flower and Jasmine Sambac are woven with the almost textural quality of Pineapple Flower to create a delicately clean, natural femininity at the heart. Last but not least, the explosion of creamy and voluptuous sensuality of Sandalwood and Vanilla, enveloped with the nuances of Vetyver and Peru Balsam  

Dior Addict

In a nutshell, Dior Addict is, without a doubt, an iconic Eau de Toilette with an instant, multi-faceted attraction designed to please and lure.

It is brimming with originality and potent nobility – a fragrance with a strong statement that will send you into a sensorial frenzy from the first spritz.

“Dior Addict Eau de Toilette is an instant, immediate statement,” says François Demachy, perfumer-creator of Dior. “It is full without being opulent and charming without being overly demonstrative.”

Demachy adds, “Misleadingly sweet, Sandalwood Essence adds a full and milky woody note that is warm and almost ‘organic’. It is an addictive note that makes our ‘animality’ see reason.”

An olfactory initiation into a dream-like sensation, Dior Addict infuses the revitalising note of the Sicilian Mandarin, unleashing a joyful yet charming scent. The heart of the fragrance is composed from the mélange of white flowers, Jasmine Sambac and Tunisian Neroli. At the base, woody nuance of Sandalwood Essence is blended with a hint of vanilla to give the fragrance a sensual yet subtle end.  

Coach Love Eau Blush

Love blooms to a new height with Coach Love Eau Blush. A fragrance that will send your heart palpitating, just like the first moment you met the one who is destined for you (not just men, but perhaps that chic yet classic Coach Madison bag, for example).

“Coach Love Eau Blush continues the romantic journey that the original Coach Love began. It is the lighter counterpart to Coach Love with the same florals as the original, but brightened by dewy muguet and smoothed with woodsy tones,” explains Trudi Loren, Senior Vice President, Corporate Fragrance Development, Worldwide, The Estee Lauder Companies.

A bursting fresh floral blend that evokes pure femininity and celebrates the essence of modern elegance and romantic beauty, Coach Love Eau Blush is brimming with energetic nuances that could spark an intimate promise of what’s to come.

The top note is comprised of bergamot and cassis with lush, dewy greens and fresh freesia. Lavish bouquet of sensational flowers with creamy magnolia, rich velvety Jasmine and Gardenia NaturePrint® create a kaleidoscope of textures, mirroring the captivating facets of modern femininity. 

The soft kiss of innocence derived from the delicateness of muguet adds perfect balance to heart. Ending the harmonious accords of love is the amalgamation of sandalwood and cedarwood, wrapped in the elegant radiance of ambrox and comfortable musk.  

All fragrances featured here are available now at the brands’ respective counters in leading department stores, beauty emporiums and authorised multi-brand fragrance retailers nationwide.

*Photos courtesy of P&G Prestige, Christian Dior Parfums, Bulgari and Coach Fragrances.  


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