Fashion Heaven Rants EXCLUSIVE ~ "I Might be an Agent if I Weren't a Model" - Kate Upton

In this digital age, it is undeniable that thanks to the creation called YouTube is human’s best creation ever since the sliced bread.

With YouTube, every talented Tom, Dick and Harry could either be signed to a recording company and rake in millions of dollars through digital download. However, in Kate Upton’s case, it was her video that went viral and catapulted to instant fame.

Hailing from the sunny Florida, the curvaceous blonde beauty captured the world’s attention with her dance video on the YouTube. And before everybody knows it, Upton made the entire fashion sphere fall in love with her as she struts on the fashion runways, walking for high profile fashion houses such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

She also graced the cover of US Vogue for its June issue last year, where she was flown to the scenic seaside ranch in Uruguay for the cover photo shoot. To my surprise, her appearance on Vogue was met with great sighs of relief as Upton’s presence on the cover has given a new edge to the iconic magazine that oftentimes feature celebrities instead of fashion models on its covers.

Even more recently, Upton displayed her acting skills alongside the likes of rapper Nicki Minaj and silver screen siren Cameron Diaz a former fashion model, herself in The Other Woman. That said, it could be a sign of possible Hollywood domination by Upton that could take place anytime soon.

This autumn, Upton will be adding a new role into her expanding portfolio – as the new celebrity face of the brand for renowned cosmetic brand Bobbi Brown.  

“I was drawn to Kate because – not only is she incredibly beautiful – she is healthy, comfortable in her own skin, has such positive energy, and is a woman who creates her own rules,” said Brown, “She loves life and that is pretty powerful.”

Also echoing Ms Brown’s statement is Maureen Case, President of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, who finds Kate as an appealing woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

“She has a personality that people can connect with, and one that Bobbi connected with personally,” says Case. “The Bobbi Brown brand celebrates ‘be who you are beauty’ in whatever form that takes, and we believe Kate is another iteration of what this brand is about… fresh, modern, classic and cool.”  

Despite running on hectic schedule that includes travelling the globe, I am happy to report that Kate Upton has taken a fraction of her precious time for a Q+A with Fashion Heaven Rants. 

How long have you been modelling?
I started modelling when I was 15, so it almost feels like I don’t know any other industry. But if I weren’t a model, I’d definitely be doing something else in this industry. I might be an agent or a manager.

What was your first encounter with Bobbi Brown?
I wanted to do something where I could speak to women and inspire them. Women often get competitive with each other, when we should really be competitive with ourselves. It’s more about improving yourself and becoming the best person you can possibly be. That’s exactly what Bobbi believes. So when we got into a meeting and sat down together, we realized we had the same views. Bobbi has been reaching out to women for so long, and I wanted to start doing that too.

What was your reaction when Bobbi Brown approached you to be the face of the brand?
I grew up using her products—I had them, my mom had them, my sisters had them. And we all still have them. It’s great to be part of a company whose products I really use and believe in.

What does it feels like to be able to work with Ms Brown, one of the world’s celebrated makeup artists?
Bobbi Brown is all about inner beauty and confidence, and how makeup is meant to be fun—not to create your confidence, just to improve it. That is a message that I can relate to and want to help relay to other women

Name your favourite Bobbi Brown’s must have products and why do you love them?
a. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream (RM190) I’m constantly traveling and this moisturizer is the first thing I apply as soon as I get off the airplane. It’s lightweight without feeling greasy, plus it smells amazing.

b. Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Compact Foundation (RM140) Growing up in Florida, I never wore a heavy foundation, but there are times when I want more coverage. I love the new Skin Weightless Foundation because it is so light, but evens out my skin, and I love great, healthy glowing skin more than any other look.

Note: Skin Weightless Powder Compact Foundation (RM140) launches in September 2014

You work on a tight schedule, so how do you keep your beauty in check?
I work out three times a week and try to eat clean and healthy. It helps me have energy after long days and lots of travelling. I’m lucky because I actually like the food I eat. I love fish or chicken, grilled vegetables, sautéed spinach with feta cheese, and a good juice. I love David Kirsch’s Super Charge Greens. It’s my post-workout drink.

With a great following on the social media, do you ever see yourself as the new icon of pop culture?
Well, I recently started using Instagram, and it’s kind of addictive. I’ve been slacking on my Twitter game, but every time a new article comes out about my social media presence, I feel like I have to step it up! I loved Twitter to begin with because it gave me a chance to reach out to people and to have a voice and an opinion. That’s another reason why I wanted to do this collaboration with Bobbi—the first thing she said was, “Well, I’m going to want you to speak.” I said, “You won’t be able to get me to stop talking. If you open that door, it will never close.”

What is fashion to you?
I like very simple things. I love to wear jeans, especially black ones

Name one fashion item that you can’t leave home without and why?
Rag & Bone jeans because they’re comfortable and I like the way they fit my body. 

Bobbi Brown's fall/winter 2014 collection is available now at all Bobbi Brown stores. Million thanks to Bobbi Brown Cosmetics for making this interview possible.

*Photos courtesy of Bobbi Brown

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