Be Fearless, Embrace the Guilt ... Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

There is always something about Gucci man that seduces you from the first moment you meet him. From the outside, he is unmistakably suave, sexy, modern yet classic. 

He may dresses up as a rock star, happily admits that he looked to iconic trendsetters and music makers such as Mick Jagger or David Bowie for style inspirations; indulges in worldly pleasures and rides his bike just like a rebel. Yet, deep inside, he is a man with substance and profound charisma.  

As he moves by, you immediately feel his strong, masculine aura through the fragrance that he wears — a scent that could either evoke a beautiful memory from the past or provoke an action, fuelled by your innate desire that will make you feel guilty and remember for the rest of your life. Well, say hello to Gucci’s iconic fragrance for men, Gucci Guilty. 

Globally available since 2011, Gucci Guilty Pour Homme has been regarded as one of the iconic Gucci scents for men. An olfactory beacon of modern masculinity, Gucci Guilty Pour Homme, if I were to envision him as a man, would certainly take pleasure in refusing to feel even an iota of guilt on being who he is. He dares to take risk, believing in what he believes.

With unbridled passion and remarkable self-confidence, he would constantly move to explore or seek new experiences. Furthermore, the spirit of hedonism that he unleashed is truly intoxicating. 

In a way, he could be the new hero – a bona fide red-blooded young gun whose bravura and unperturbed will is adored by men of our generation. 

In fact, Frida Giannini’s observation would support the above statement. “Everyone is in love with the Gucci Guilty man,” she noted. “He is a risk-taker, a thrill-seeker, yet he always remains sensitive to a woman’s desires. He embodies these desires. Men yearn to be him, women to be his.”

Thus, the question is: What goes into this juice that makes it a potent potion, so intense that it could evoke or provoke a woman’s desire, starting from the first waft?  

The answer lies in its contemporary fougère composition — a cocktail of invigorating citrus notes derived from Italian lemon and Mandarin, amalgamated with crushed green leaves and pink pepper.

In the middle or the heart of the fragrance, the herbal freshness of lavender and the aphrodisiac cardamom serve as a whispered invitation for her to come closer. The desire is further flamed with an unexpectedly tender bed of orange flowers and neroli.

At the bottom of the concoction is patchouli – the hallmark of all Gucci fragrances – juxtaposed with lush notes of cedar, sandalwood and amber, creating robust, earthy and yet suggestively exotic sensuality of in-depth masculinity.

To herald the launch of this olfactory icon, Giannini and renowned film director/graphic artist Frank Miller (remember 300 and Sin City?) sat down and gathered their thoughts and ideas, which later translated into an enticing yet memorable advertising campaign, starring Captain America heartthrob Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood, the face of Gucci Guilty for Her.

“Chris was an absolute revelation,” remarks Giannini. “His looks are hypnotic, and he has such an incredibly powerful presence in front of the camera. In a few brief moments, he creates an unforgettable character.”

The TV commercial, shot at the Cinecittà Studios, started with a rugged urban cowboy roared into the metropolis on a blazing motorcycle. His tires screeched to a halt, and the hero removed his helmet. His bracelet triggered his memories. 

Still in his leathers; he strode into a bar and caught a beguiling scent: a woman, a defiant beauty, and his match. Their eyes were locked and the story of their night of rapture began, where later he would disappear in the morning. 

For print advertising, renowned photography duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot captured a series of unapologetically sensual images of both Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood that will remained etched within the consciousness of the current generation.

Gucci Guilty pour Homme is available now at all authorised Gucci fragrance counters, Gucci boutiques and beauty emporiums around the world.

*Images courtesy of Gucci Fragrance; stills from YouTube


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