A Beautiful Intention ... Dior Homme Intense

The iconic Hollywood rebel James Dean once said, “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”

True as it seems, though Dean may have left five decades ago, his defiance and his innate sense of style are still admired by today’s generation. 

In a way, he may had ceased walking the earth but his spirit continues to remain at large, serving as a muse that inspires the birth of legends and icons that are meant to be celebrated and embraced forever. Case in point: Dior Homme Intense, a men fragrance by Christian Dior.

Ever since the inception of the fragrance range, the world has been captivated its boldness – a feature that makes up the essential part of Dior man heritage, juxtaposed with the breeziness of contemporary masculinity. Furthermore, being more than a fragrance, Dior Homme embodies a new brand of sexiness – wild, free, adamant – that becomes its identity.

“Dior Homme breaks away from all clichés of masculinity,” says François Demachy, the “nose” of Dior Parfums. “It explores a new virility that is instantly evident but nevertheless complex.”

An olfactory epitome of boldness with 1000 different facets, Dior Homme range boasts a composition that is imbued with daring, fresh boldness and surprises. 

As for its Dior Homme Intense incarnation, noble sophistication plays the main theme with potent signature. Iris absolute, a precious element within the perfumer’s palette, brings forth the woody green tones to mind, imparting warm bread aroma to the top note of Dior Homme Intense.

At its heart is ambrette, literally translated as “little amber”. To gain ambrette, hibiscus fruit seeds are distilled until ambrette “butter” is produced. The fatty acids of the butter are then washed away, leaving behind purified essence that is rich with musky and slightly fruit accents. In a way, the note can be described as a crisscross between pear liqueur and silk talc. 

Ending the harmony of masculinity is the Virginia Cedar. Native to the North American soil, the Virginia Cedarwood essence is derived from steam distillation. Known for its refined, noble aura, the cedarwood essence brings forth an intense, energetic quality to the fragrance.

Gleaming like liquid amber, the juice is bottled in a timeless block that sports clean and pure masculine lines. On the other hand, the black tube serves as the contrary to the enveloping hue.

Dior Homme Intense is available now at all Dior Beauty & Fragrances counters.

*Images courtesy of Christian Dior Parfums.

To locate your nearest Dior Beauty & Fragrances counters, visit Dior official website.    


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