Bulgari Aqua Amara ... A New Precious Gem from the Sea

Oftentimes, there is one essential thing that we need to make our personal style complete. Without it, we would feel stark naked, albeit being fully clothed from head to toe. 

For instance, some women would feel naked without applying mascara on their lashes; others won’t dare to see the world without their purses in hand.

As for me, I have to say, I would feel absolutely naked without spritzing some fragrance before leaving home. Reason being, a good fragrance is always akin to confidence filled in a bottle – or flacon. Just spritz some over your body and you are ready to seize the day in no time. 

More often than not, a fragrance, when it is oftentimes worn, can act as a person’s invisible signature that leaves a long-lasting impression on others. 

Since its inception in 2008, Bulgari Aqua pour Homme Marine has been one of my must-spritz fragrances, thanks to the fresh yet light notes, evoking the sultriness of the mystical and myth-rich waters of the Mediterranean sea. 

Four years prior to the Marine edition launch, Bulgari Aqua pour Homme was introduced to global fragrance aficionados. This year, the Aqua family received a new member – Bulgari Aqua Amara.

Retaining the original heart of  Aqua, which is water, Aqua Amara distinct itself from the Aqua and Aqua Marine edition by being appealing to both genders. 

Jacques Cavallier, the master perfumer, concocted a harmonious rendition of Aqua Pour Homme’s signature aquatic note, enriched with copious natural ingredients and essences of the finest quality such as the Sicilian Mandarin oranges that purvey the essence of Neroli, rich spring water, Indonesian patchouli and olibanum.

The top notes, collectively known as the Garden of Hesperides – a  mythical garden said to be owned by Grecian goddess Hera – fuses the essences of Sicilian Mandarin and the Tunisian Essence of Neroli. 

At the heart is the mineral-rich spring water, where Cavallier has tailor-made an accord using molecules developed from the most advanced technologies.  At the bottom, the notes are dry and possess vibrant mineral treasures. This is where the notes of Indonesian patchouli and olibanum vibrate.

With rich golden hue that resembles the evening sun that shines like a huge golden disc between the earth and the vast, blue space, the precious Aqua Amara is bottled in a round bottle that exudes a unique, distinctive, and tactile aesthetic. The bottle also captures the light and plays tribute to copper – a vital element that abounds within the volcanic realms of the Mediterranean.

Model Jon Kortajarena was chosen to star the ad campaign that was shot by world-class photographer Mario Sorentti. 

Wearing  Diagono Ceramic watch in steel with black ceramic bezel and rubber bracelet, Kortajena, in this campaugn, is a sun-kissed Greek hero - a man of unyielding courage who braves the sea by plunging into its cold waters with statuesque composure to remerge stronger and rejuvenated. 

In a way, the Bulgari Aqua Amara man is a man who is in his element; thriving to strengthen the ineffable and sacred bond between man and nature.

Bulgari Aqua Amara is available now at all authorised Bulgari fragrance concessionaires and Bulgari boutiques worldwide.

*Photos courtesy of Bulgari

Bulgari - 2.23.00 & 3.25.00, Level 2 and 3, Pavilion KL, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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