Baby Dior opens new store at Rue Royale

Of late, the phrase “start them young” is no longer valid as an adage; it’s a mantra held high by modern parents. 
If you want your children to be good dancers, start them young. If you want your children to be inventors, start them young. And if you want your children to grace the September issue of Vogue cover, you’ve got to start them young too!

Talking about starting them young, I remember fondly how the late Christina Onassis, daughter of the Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis – also second husband to style icon of the 60s late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - used to dote her only daughter – now one of the richest women in the world – Athina Roussel Onassis with a wardrobe filled with baby version of haute confections designed by the revered maison Christian Dior.

Launched on November 7, 1967, Dior childrenswear features endearing styles where little girls can enjoy a sophisticated wardrobe with Couture touches and boys could effortlessly mimic the styles of their fathers with outfits that are cleverly inspired by menswear. 

Furthermore, both Baby Dior and Dior Kids are made using the same historical expertise in the same workshop for more than forty years.

Recently, Baby Dior and Dior Kids welcomed its fans into their new house at the elegant 1st arrondisement of Paris in an intimate event. The event was attended by Sydney Toledano, CEO of Dior, a coterie of fashionistas and their stylish children.

The boutique, which is not far from the renowned Tuilleries Garden and Place de la Madeleine, features Dior signature grey mouldings blend with soft painted hues. 

In the discreet charm of a family home with an old fireplace and China-adorned walls, the latest Dior Kids line that is brimming with bright coloured dresses, dark suits, and shoes in soft shades  serves as a warm invite for the tween fashionistas to try them on.

Set in a cocoon-like children’s room ambiance, the Baby Dior line space boasts a sky ceiling painted by artist Mathias Kiss and a window through which one seems to catch a glimpse of the rose garden in Granville, where Monsieur Christian Dior grew up. Upstairs, at the top of a staircase reminiscent of the elegant and legendary one of 30, avenue Montaigne, is where evening wears and special pieces are housed. 

*Photos courtesy of Dior

Baby Dior – 25, Rue Royale, 75008 Paris, France.


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