Coach and Philip Crangi Launch Limited Edition Collection for Men

When men shop for their personal needs – clothes, shoes, accessories and more – it can be equalled to a treasure hunt. 

Hence the notion of men buys, women shop because when a man buys, he will buy something once and he will use or wear it over and over for the rest of its lifetime.  

While devoted male fashion lovers would not mind spending their money on seasonal key pieces, just peep inside their closet and you may find a coterie of timeless pieces lurking around the space with some could be dating back to the 70s or the 90s such as the iconic Doc Martens boots or that heirloom Rolex watch with engraved congratulatory message at the back.

 Speaking of heirloom, Coach, the purveyor of luxury American leather goods recently embarked on a partnership with renowned jewellery designer Philip Crangi, thus resulting the Coach + Philip Crangi collection. A jewellery collection that is comprised of limited edition pieces of men jewellery and accessories such as belts, bracelets, lanyard and key fobs, the collection juxtaposes Crangi’s unique design aesthetic that is rugged and classic with strong masculine nuances.

“For me, Coach has defined the ‘American Look’ for as long as I can remember. The work I’ve done with the brand builds on the same sense of American style, “says Crangi, a trained goldsmith who received his formal training from the prominent Rhode Island School of Design. “With that said, it's been a real honour for me to work with Coach on this collaboration creating men’s accessories - I think together we've succeeded in creating some beautiful things, new icons of this classic style.”

While zinc makes the basis of hardware for today’s jewellery and accessories due to its lightness as well as affordable manufacturing process, the Coach + Philip Crangi limited edition collection uses solid brass instead. This is to stay true to the traditional artisan method employed by Crangi in his own designs as well as to the Coach heritage. 

The leathers used for the belts and jewelleries are sourced from Europe and tanned using vegetable dyes and Crangi even braided the leather himself using square braiding technique on one of the jewelleries.

Moreover, following the century-old artisanal tradition, the hardware of the limited edition pieces are not coated with any protective coating such as lacquer to delay or stop the hardware corrosion. 

By letting the pieces remain in their natural state, the brass hardware will age beautifully with natural patina that subsequently darkens over the time.

In conjunction with its global launch that will take place this month, Philip Crangi shared his thoughts on the limited edition collection and his favourite pick.

What inspires your designs, particularly this collection?
Greco-Roman artefacts, Baroque ironworks and Japanese armours for the hand forges, the solid brass hardware used in each piece. Contrasting materials, colours and mood also influence the design. However, this collection was really inspired by the utility of nautical hardware. I wanted to create a new language based on this vocabulary – something familiar but totally fresh. I was also inspired by the amazing leather craftsmanship that only a company like Coach can achieve. For a designer, getting access to workmanship like this is a dream; another great part of working with Coach.    

What is your favourite pick from the collection?
Aside from the braided leather lanyard key ring (which I do use every day), my favourite piece right now is the hook and metal keeper bracelet. I think it will look as good this summer at the beach as it does now, poking out of the cuff of my fisherman’s sweater. I’ve also been “wear-testing” the reverse “D” buckle belt in natural leather – it has officially replaced all other belts, I’m happy to say!

What distinct this collection from the rest of other Coach Collections?
The three special stamps – Le Beau, arrow 5 and Coach – used to mark the items within the collection as well as the Philip Crangi font. “LE BEAU” is a vintage stamp I found at a flea market back when I first started out. “Beau” is my family nickname and so I stamp “LE BEAU” on every piece I make with my own hands – in this case all the original models we used in this collection.

And what’s with “5”?
I’ve been collecting “5” stamps since the beginning of my design career – not only do I think it is graphically the most handsome numeral, it’s also my lucky number.

Oftentimes, limited edition pieces are regarded as investment pieces, thus a great care must be employed to ensure its longevity. Thus, what kind of jewellery care would you recommend?
Embrace the natural patina that comes with daily wear. However, as a general rule, keep the collection items clean and dry as much as possible. They should be stored in the pouch provided with each limited edition piece. It is also important to avoid chemicals such as cleaning products coming in contact with the pieces and it is not recommended to swim or bathe while wearing the bracelets.

The brass hardware may look amazing when it ages, yet some would prefer to have their original colour restored after years of usage. Thus what can we do to regain the original hue?
As for the brass elements, these unique pieces have been left in their raw, natural state. Over the time, they will age to a richer, more beautiful colour. If you wish to restore them to their original colour, wipe them gently with brass polish on a soft cloth, or take them to a professional cleaning service.

The Coach + Philip Crangi collection will be available at Coach Pavilion this month onwards, as well as on

*Photos courtesy of Coach

Coach - Lot 3.12 Level 3, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Shopping Mall, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur


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