The Mediterranean Charm ... Bulgari SS2014 Accessories Collection

If there is an award to be bestowed to a glamorous icon whose legendary status surpassing those of Hollywood silver screen sirens and even figures of myths and legends traversing millenniums, that award will certainly go the Mediterranean Sea.

An indisputable icon surrounded in  mystery; drenched in thousand myths and legends, the sea – a great body of water that surrounds the fertile shores of Egypt, Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, France and Spain among others – has been basking in its glamorous glory before the word “glamour” was coined and made its way into the dictionary. It even witnessed a series of events that eventually changed the world, including the mythical destruction of the city of Troy by the Greeks.

This season, Italian contemporary jeweller and purveyor of luxury goods Bulgari celebrate its timeless appeal and glamorous spirit with a journey across its azure waters. Known as “A Mediterranean Journey”, the spring/summer 2014 accessories collection juxtaposes Bulgari origins with the magical allure of Italian “La Dolce Vita”, resulting vibrant hues inspired by Italian cities and renowned port-of-calls; suggestive chromatic palette drenched in sunset hues counterpointed by the freshness of the crystalline waters.

Set to beguile the fashion world is Bulgari’s latest bag of the season, the Icona.  A functional cross body bag that exudes dapper, daring and dynamic look, the spring/summer edit of this up and coming icon is luxuriously drenched in  a palette of energetic colours such as electric blue and black or mandarin garnet matched with mulberry fuchsia. 

The clean shape brings forth the elegance of feminine soul while the charming lateral sticks evoke seductive bustier wrapped around a woman’s body.

Furthermore, propelling its status to a higher elevation as the must have bag of the season is the application of Palmellatura process – a unique and labour-intensive treatment on calfskin that enhances the softness of the hide using a hand-held tool called Palmella, hence creating unique grained effect characteristic to the skin. Icona aside, the current “stars” of Bulgari accessories namely the Monete, Serpenti and Lipstick are also propelled to higher level of stardom with sleek, structured personality conveyed through breezy new colours, materials and treatments.       

Monete, for example, features a rigid frame style set off by metal edges with the top handles gleaming with Bulgari coins. 

Crafted in lush full-grained calfskin that is entirely tumbled by hand or hand-painted glanced python, the Monete tote boasts exclusive gold-tinted wavy pattern obtained from a meticulous process featuring embossed surfaces and hand sponging.

Another icon, the Serpenti, gracefully slithers on fashionistas’ shoulders with exciting new colours, materials and exotic skins starting with precious galuchat with finishing that echoes the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The black and white version on the other hand purveys classic elegance and versatility with palladium metal parts adding refined touch of light to the lavish reptile scales on the handles and the shoulder strap.

Befitting its name, the sleek and trendy Lipstick clutch punctuates your style with lock in explosive colours and precious materials inspired by Bulgari’s high jewellery collection such as the posh Nappa Shatoosh and the iridescent lizard skin in stunning degradé effect. 

On the other hand, inspired by vintage jewel cases, the Diva bag exudes preciousness with unique prominent features – brass snake clasp adorned with cabochon stone inset; metal snake with pink gold finishing that slithers along the clasp; exclusive mirror pocket and colourful, contrasting lining.

A coveted carrier designed by style icon Isabella Rossellini, the Isabella Rossellini collection continues to charm bag lovers with eclectic soul and saucy elegance. Crafted from hand-perforated leather that forms rows of tiny fans, the technique imparts eye-catching 3D degradé effect, further enriched with graceful motif that is inspired by Bulgari’s high jewellery creations. 

Moreover, this season’s interpretation of the Rossellini bags will see an exclusive cocktail version boasting rich adornments of 1000 hand-cut mother-of-pearl elements, 4000 crystals and over 10,000 crystal beads.

Likewise, the shiny surface of the alligator skin version of the bag, doused in pastel and vibrant hue range is further enhanced with the application of exclusive Agatatura technique – a process performed on alligator and crocodile hides to boost their shine with glazed look, giving roundish cabochon effect to each scale. The process is divided into five main steps – bathing, stretching and nailing, glazing, heating and applying cardboard scales to the structure – and all are rigorously done by skilled hands.     

Iconic bags aside, amplify your seductiveness with the jeweller’s luxurious eyewear collections. Inspired by the Diva jewellery collection, the eyewear collection of the same name boasts timeless class with 172 hand-set crystals in posh shades of green, blue, Havana and black. The Catene, on the other hand, drew its inspiration from the Catene watch, charms the eyes of the beholder with ethereal mother-of-pearl glow, radiating delicate radiance opposed to the golden luminescence of the arms.

Just like the iconic bag and jewellery collection, the Serpenti eyewear collection features precious gold-plated scales on the cat-eye model, further enriched with smoky pink lenses, thus heightening the seductive appeal, subsequently befitting the classic notion that everything is beautiful when seen through rose coloured glasses.

If you wish to soak in the spirit of La Dolce Vita while trotting the globe or perhaps, while working in the office, do not forget to complement your spring/summer style with the silk foulards imbued with abstract or organic patterns; geometrical shapes that blend with graceful swirls that bring forth the sense of a vivacious kaleidoscope; and images of palm trees-laden landscape or fanciful snakes in delicate pastels that bring out the foulards’ character.   

Bulgari spring/summer 2014 accessories collection is available now at all Bulgari stores worldwide.

*Photos courtesy of Bulgari

Bulgari – Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur; Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur; Passenger Level, Satellite A, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang, Selangor.


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