Feline and Feral ... La Panthère, a new fragrance by Cartier

From jeweller to the kings to a reputable purveyor of bona fide luxury lifestyle, Cartier’s evolution is swift, just like its iconic brand ambassador, the panther that is known for its swiftness and courage. 

With the exception of prêt-a-porter, one can find almost everything in the storied maison of Cartier – timepieces, writing instruments, leather goods, and even home decor items.

Furthermore, Cartier is also known for its forte in creating sensational olfactory offerings with distinctive and strong persona. So powerful it captivates the attention and the imagination of even the most discerning fashionista. 

This year, Cartier pays homage to its iconic panther with the launch of new fragrance aptly known as La Panthère. Before we delve into the soul of the fragrance, here’s a gist of Cartier’s historic relationship with the panther: First immortalised in its jewellery collection circa 1914, the spirit of panther has since reigned supreme within the realm of Cartier, resulting a retinue of renowned collections transcending various product categories, including fragrance.

Loosely translated as the Panther, La Panthère is a captivating fragrance ― an olfactory reflection of a liberated and passionate woman. 

Just like the feline creature that serves as its muse or inspiration, the floral fragrance is brimming with radiant that is radiated from the harmonious combination of delicate gardenia with velvety notes of musk.

“Every woman has a feline aspect [in her] and every flower has a hidden animal essence,” says Mathilde Laurent, the in-house “nose” of Cartier fragrance.

The formation process of the fragrance begins with a gardenia. From the fresh virginal white blossom, Laurent set out to create a fragrance that would leave pure, spellbinding tracks of a colour driven to its animalistic limit. 

To add appealing ambiguity to the fragrance, accords of velvety chypre and musk ― a melange of scented interpretation of emotions that evoke the panther’s personality ― are added to envelope the lively fragrant soul of the gardenia. The result is an unparalleled metaphor of Cartier femininity that seduces with her wit and liberty.   

Following suit is the bottling of the juice. To match the feline and feral spirit, Cartier artisan lends his magical touch by carving out the image of the panther on a block of glass. 

The enigmatic and masterfully executed bottle imparts the presence of true feline spirit with feral tones and modern minimalistic approach ― cubist square jaws, the bevelled eyes that gaze out from an angular head, all meticulously sculpted line by line.   

The gentle sparkle of gleaming sunlight softened the design while the hues of orange and gold provide surprising reflection to the enchanting glass flacon.

Heralding the arrival of the feral floral fragrance is an advertising campaign directed by Sean Ellis, whose directorial work, a short film called Cashback was nominated for an Oscar in 2006.

Starring model Erin Wasson, the commercial was shot in Paris at night on the Bir-Hakeim Bridge. Wasson, wearing a black halter neck dress with deep keyhole channelled out her hidden feline spirit by drawing a sensuous yet serious gaze on her face – her interpretation of the iconic panther sculpture look.  

Cartier La Panthère EDP is available in three sizes – 30ml, 50ml and 75ml – and is currently available at all Cartier boutiques, Cartier fragrances counter and authorised fragrance retailers worldwide.   

*Photos by Peter Lindbergh, Coppi Barbieri, Grégoire Gardette, and Alfredo Piola © Cartier 2014

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