Fashion Heaven Rants Turns 8!

Eight years ago, Fashion Heaven Rants – formerly known as Shopaholics Anonymous Malaysia - was just a humble blog, born out of utmost passion and love for fashion, beauty and everything beautiful. It was 2006, the period where blogging reached its golden age. At first, it was meant to be a writing exercise for me as I have always loved writing and fashion has always been my first love, besides books and food.

Simultaneously, 2006 was the time when I first came across the works of the late Diana Vreeland, the ex-Editor-in-Chief for both Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Yes, the legendary Dragon Lady whose strong predilection for the colour red is well-documented and immortalised in images and even in words, through Diane von Furstenberg and Camilla Morton’s “The Empress New Clothes” tome.

Armed with inspiration and my love for the art of fashion writing, I decided to open a Blogger account and started Shopaholics Anonymous Malaysia – a fashion blog with such an inappropriate, or even worse, a misleading title as Shopaholics Anonymous is supposed to help shopaholics to recover from their shopping addiction, not making it worse.

At first, the response was beyond lukewarm. Only a few hits within a month and I almost gave up. But then I realised that instead of focusing on the hits, why don’t I treat blogging as a writing exercise of sort. Well, the idea worked after all and subsequently, more hits were pouring in, albeit less comments. A year later, the seed that I sow began to sprout, growing into a beautiful tree with beautiful blossoms. 

Shopaholics Anonymous Malaysia started to receive tremendous response from blog readers around the world, garnering praises from press liaisons from renowned as well as up and coming fashion labels from around the world. I even landed my first gig as a fashion writer with Oxygen Magazine (Thanks John!) and being inducted as one of Malaysia’s movers and shakers of the fashion landscape by Malaysia Tatler in 2007, all thanks to the blog.

But of course, this blog won’t be where it is today without the undying support and unconditional love provided my family, friends, and acquaintances throughout the last eight years.

Million thanks to my family: Babah, Mama, Syakeera, Haziq, my cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, grandparents, grandaunts and granduncles for being my rock, supporting whatever decision that I made in this life, albeit they could be insensible at times.

Airil Haimi Adnan: My shrink, my informal editor, my “teman bicara” and my ... (eherm eherm) ... Justin Timberlake ... hahaha ... was it fate that brought us together? Or did I drag myself to your office on purpose every Wednesday afternoon so I could interrupt you with our so-called intelligent banters? Hahaha. Thank you for your kind encouragement and thank you for believing in my qualities. And thank you for entertaining my endless nonsense. Your heart is too big for someone who is “petite” like you. Hahaha. And congratulations to you, Doctor Teech for your hard work is handsomely paid at last!    

Mansor Tun Abdul Aziz: Mon ami et mon amour toujours hahaha ... Remember when first met like seven years ago during Anya Hindmarch event at Pavilion? Well, seven years later and we’re still best of friends! Thank you for giving me your moral support, your kind advice and most of all, for crafting me the best su misura shirt in the world! You are forever the impartial element to KL society and I will never ever be like you. Merci beaucoup à tous!   

Nadia Fawzi: My friend, my sister and most importantly … my B***H! Hahaha. Ever since you left KL for Bristol, life has been a quiet affair. The sun may rise and shine, but not as sunny as it used to be when you were around. How I miss all the laughter; the bitch-please moments at your studio; the rowdy nights painting Changkat Bukit Bintang in menstrual blood red (hahaha) with Richard et al; and of course, the inevitable bitchy smirk on your pet cat – my godson – face, Baby Bijou. Now that you have found your true love in Bristol, I could only wish you good luck and all the best from the fair shores of Malaysia. But yes, I’ll make a promise that we will be reunited soon and when I’ve landed on the Bristol soil, rest assured Bristol will forever lose its "virginity". Ever. Hahaha. Love you b***h!

Emileen Rosli: Girlfriend cum bitching partner-in-crime, can’t you believe it? We’ve been friends for 12 years. Yeah … 12 friggin’ years! Hahaha. From our crazy student days at Cosmopoint to being neighbours at work at Jaya One, I’m glad that we never change and we should stay the same. Even after we are married and settled down with kids. Wait … did we write down “having spouses and kids” in the bucket list? I don’t think so. Hahaha. But from the bottom of my heart, I have to say I’m glad to have you as my BGFF – Best Girlfriend Forever! Let’s cross our fingers and hope things will stay the same. And that includes our undying love for Justin Timberlake, that is!

Richard Tan: Aunty!!!! From the first time I met you at Pavilion opening seven years ago, you never fail to make me laugh. Well, all of us laugh to be honest, especially the part when you would bombard – or to define it in Nadia’s way, rape – our Facebook walls with links to music videos from the 80s and 90s, then fill the comment spaces with nonsense replies. Hahaha. I appreciate your genuine friendship and your kindness all this while.

Lind Shah, Angie Tan and Naf Ameen: Girls I love you so much! You are like my big sisters that I never had and I am truly blessed to know you in this lifetime.

John Leong: Hello boss! Hahaha. Thank you so much for giving the opportunity to realize my dream as a fashion writer and truth be told, you’re the best Instagrammer in the world, so keep up the good work!

Anna Meriza Mustafa, Reagan Raymund Munang, Sulu Sarawak and YiVon Tai: Albeit we never meet face to face and only on Facebook, I have a feeling that I’ve known you for such a long time. Perhaps we were best friends in the previous life. Thank you so much for your kind support.

Giselle Laventure: Hello darling! Guess what, your favourite blog turns 8 today! The first time when we met at Pavilion Starbucks, I was so happy to know that both of us share the same liking, especially Justin Timberlake! Hahaha. Thank you so much for supporting my blog all this while and I will always wish you the best of luck in whatever you do.

Ilya Qastalani: Aiching!!!! Darling, it was such a great pleasure to work with you at Salina & Associates. Truth is told I’ve learned a lot from you and I have to say that you’re on your way to become the next PR maven, just like Samantha Jones. Hahaha.    

Lydia, Kalpana, Intan, Carole, Suraya, Elyse, Nurul: I miss my S&A girls a lot! I miss those events that we organised together; the media visits and all the laughter we had in the office. You girls will always have a special place in my heart and I am honoured to be able to work with all of you, even for a short while.

Wan Juju, Hana , Sabrina, Kristel, Ryma, Mils: My Ex-Extec girls hahahaha!!! Tell me just how long we have not met ever since we left that place? I still miss our lunch at Sahara; sleeping in the studio; and all the gossips we had. Hahaha.

Selina Yeop, Jr: Hi Selina, it was an honour for me to be able to work with you and your dream team. I’d definitely look forward to more working opportunities in the future.

Fasya Queen: Hello Mama-san! Thank you for the working opportunities and the escargot dinners at Funtheque. I’m glad that we do share the same taste when it comes to music. Hahaha. Miss you so much!

Amir Luqman: Sheila! Hahaha. I miss, miss, miss you! I’m still waiting for you to design something for me. Hahaha. And you know what? I want to see your creations on display at Harvey Nichols or perhaps Barney’s New York one day. Anything can be possible love.

Ezra Low: My favourite emcee and the dapper Mr Biker. Hahaha. Anyway bro, you still owe me a lunch but take your time. Hahaha.

Sara Tasya, Annys and Syazana: My UiTM girls ... the three beautiful girls that always keep my sanity intact while I was in UiTM. Hahaha. I miss all of you so much.

Sandra Azwan: My Balenciaga in the making! How I missed those crazy days when we would turn up the radio loud with Charlotte Church, Shania Twain and Sarah Brightman songs plus the sparkling juice served in flutes – the socialite-wannabe moments. Hope all is well with you. Keep on mesmerising the world with your unique creations.

Heartfelt thanks to dear friends and acquaintances: Rebecca Saw; Shareen Ramli; Joanna Gough; Magie Abang Saufi; Camelia; Peter Yap; Liyana Zulkafly; Natasha Kraal; Natasha Loo; Amanda Khoo; Sunitha Thayaparan; Suzie Adnan; Aizat Aidid; Asiah Mion; Kiffy Razak; Farah Kassim; Amri Rahim; Sher A Wizeman; Nora Azima; Angel Ng; Sui Kar Nah; Danielle Chiam; Lim Wee Sien; Reta Lee; Anucyia Victor; Jamie Khoo; Nawal Shahril; Joanne de Silva; Song Su Ann; Carmen Tan; Christine Leong; Yeoleene Yeoh; Angeline Au; Claudia Chua; Su Yee Chung; Amy Foong; Natalie Yip; Natalie Ip; Wing Chow; Shivani Mahtani; Chong Yen; Deborah Krish; Chan Mei Ling; Sabrina Loh; Kingston Saik; Kathleen Martin; David Ong-Yeoh; Adrian Chee; Lynette Lim; Felicia Chin; Felicia Lee; Aja Ng; Lidiana Rosli; Louisa Lim; Dazman Manan; Patsy Kam; S. Yoga; Jacqueline Tan; Tiffany Teng; Puan Sri Monique Miles; Ingrid How; Eva Lam; Pandora Lau; Julien Wong; Daniel Lim; Sarah Tan; Ushera; Gina Subki; Aryzeadora Rahim de Luz; Kiranjeet Kaur; Dee Leonard; Karen LSC; Angel Yau; CS Fan; Brian Chong; Dawn Jeremiah; Johan Nasir; Bibi Kepoh; Dian Pasquinal Kaur; John Marcus Rayarouth; Kevy Anna; Mariah Hudson; El Iman; Syz Ana Shingiz; Rue de la Couture; Harrys Simanungkalit; Sonya Tampubolon; Faizal Hamid; Fauzi Hamid; Hyrul Azhar; Kzeniya Oudenot; Nik Nafisah Marini Kamil; Xavier Mah; Zara Rawi; Marlina Azmi, Shahrizad Fitri and Szujane Ng. My thank you also goes to dearest Mei Ann Yeow. RIP love.    

Not to forget my inspirations – Madonna; Justin Timberlake; Barbra Streisand; Anggun Cipta Sasmi; Nick Waterhouse; Beyoncé Knowles; Christina Aguilera; Lady Gaga; Aaliyah; Janet Jackson; Jennifer Lopez; Angelina Jolie; Tom Cruise; Kylie Minogue; Darren Hayes; Thalía; Sarah Jessica Parker; Diana Vreeland; Anna Wintour; David, Mickael and Tony Carreira; Victoria Beckham and Natasha St Pier.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the following organisations for their ceaseless support and kind assistance, hence propelling this blog to its current state:
Burberry Malaysia; Chanel Malaysia; Christian Dior Couture Malaysia and Asia Pacific; Estee Lauder Group Malaysia (Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estee Lauder, and La Mer); Sephora Malaysia; Gucci Malaysia; Melium Group; Valiram Group; Cartier Malaysia and Asia Pacific; Montblanc Malaysia; Prada; Miu Miu; H&M; Monki; Milk PR; Priority PR; KCD Group Worldwide; Louis Vuitton Malaysia; Saint Laurent Asia Pacific; Bulgari South Asia; Carrera y Carrera; Mystique Universal; Niche Retailing; Hermès Malaysia; Edelman Malaysia; DNP Clothing; Furla Asia Pacific; FJ Benjamin; Rodial; Salvatore Ferragamo Malaysia; Bella NTV7 team; Universal Music Malaysia; and Sony Music Malaysia.         

If I forgotten your name in this list, please blame my head but not my heart as there are too many people I have to list down. Besides, I am not getting any younger.

From the bottom of my heart,


  1. OMG!!! MY NAME IS HERE!!! well done and fantastic job on your Blog adik!! many more to come ya!


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