Fashion Heaven Rants Exclusive ~ Katie Holmes: "Makeup is Powerful!"

For those who grew up in the 90s, perhaps you are no stranger to the hit teen TV series Dawson’s Creek. 

For the uninitiated or born after the 90s, Dawson’s Creek revolved around the life of four friends - Dawson Leery, Joey Potter, Jen Lindley, and Pacey Witter—living in the small fictional seaside town called Capeside, Massachusetts.

While it was no secret that young girls around the world were gaga over its main character Dawson, played by actor James van der Beek, the series too propelled Katie Holmes to international stardom. 

Dawson’s Creek aside, Katie’s impressive resume contains a retinue of silver screen hits such as Disturbing Behaviour, Teaching Mrs Tingle, and Batman Begins, where she starred alongside Christian Bale, as well as a number of theatrical and television appearances (remember Naomi, the “Slutty Pumpkin” in How I Met Your Mother?).   

Blessed with lustrous brunette locks and flawless complexion, Katie is no stranger to the modelling world, having fronted several high profile fashion campaigns such as Miu Miu, Ann Taylor, H. Stern and now Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. 

An epitome of modern Bobbi woman – the equivalent of a modern day Ali McGraw that Bobbi has always admired - Katie was chosen as the face of the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics because of her classic beauty; her role as an entrepreneur and a mother, as well as the instant connection that they had because both Katie and Bobbi have so much in common. Starting with spring 2013 campaign, their partnership continued into the first half of 2014 where Katie once again fronted the current spring 2014 ad campaign. 

Recently, Katie took a fraction of time from her busy schedule to answer my questions on her daily beauty ritual and her experience working with one of the world’s most celebrated beauty gurus. 

1. What’s your must-do beauty ritual at the start of the day?
When I’m rushed and I only have time for one thing, I go to the blush!

2. Mothers are known to pass down their beauty secrets to their daughters. Do you have certain beauty practices that you inherited from your mother?
My mom always said never put soap on your face. Always moisturize. And beauty is from within. But! Makeup helps too.

3. Would you share the secret with your daughter (and young women) once she reaches her adolescence?
My advice would be to appreciate who they are, and take care of themselves, and be good to themselves. And you know, really take care of their bodies, their mind, their soul, everything. And be the best version that they can be. Just keep being positive and grateful and, just keep going.

4. When was your first encounter with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics?
Well, my favourite is the Shimmer Brick. It really works, along with the blush. It makes me feel really good about myself

5. What made you fall in love with the brand and the products?
The great thing about Bobbi’s makeup is you can go to all different extremes, still look like you and have fun.

6. What was your reaction when Bobbi Brown proposed you to be the face of the brand?
Bobbi is exceptional and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is a company that we, as women, all turn to because it is makeup that is very accessible and makes you feel pretty. Sometimes it is just a lipstick or a blush that makes you feel like you can do what you need to do. Makeup is powerful and I am thrilled to be a part of this brand.

7. How was it like to be able to work with one of world’s famous beauty gurus?
Bobbi, the person, is very much what her makeup line stands for… no fuss, down to earth and real.

8. What is your favourite Bobbi Brown product that you must apply to the skin or otherwise, you will feel naked without it?
I’m more of the eyeliner girl during the week, and then on the weekend, it is about relaxing, and being as natural as possible. So it’s like a tinted moisturizer, and maybe mascara and a lip?

9. Now let’s talk about style. How do you describe your personal style?
I try to look nice at, school functions and things like that but I also don’t let it dictate my every day. I mean, I am very much on the go, but I do try to put some effort in. And Bobbi’s makeup really helps because, you know, when you’re getting up very early in the morning, it’s like, “Oh my! I need some blush. I need something to like, make me look like I’m alive.”

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics spring/summer 2014 collection is available now at all Bobbi Brown Cosmetics outlets. Million thanks to Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Malaysia for making this interview possible.

*Photos courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

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