Scents of Renewal ... Calyx and Clinique Happy In Bloom

Fragrances make the part and parcel of our memories. A waft of it could immediately trigger thousand and one stories of our past, long hidden in mind. 

To quote world’s revered fashion visionary the late Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”

Yes, I could always attest to the notion as fragrance and women are oftentimes undividable. Besides, women have the tendency of owning more than a bottle of scent compared to men, according to my own finding. 

This spring, immerse in the olfactory concoction of floral seduction and citrus tanginess with two mesmerising – as well as iconic – fragrances by Clinique – Calyx and Happy in Bloom.

First introduced by in 1986, Calyx embodies freshness and modernity. It is a scent that is created for a woman who seeks a signature scent that boldly sets her apart, yet is still clean and fresh. 

Named after the protective covering of a flower bud - the green leaves that wrap tightly around the petals before they blossom, Calyx is a wildly exhilarating fragrance with aroma that stays just as bold from the top to the bottom notes.

Concocted by legendary “nose” Sophia Grojsman after a trip to visit her family in the Mediterranean, Calyx is brought to life by two key notes – grapefruit and green leaf. 

Crisp grapefruit gives exhilarating signature; succulence and juiciness with lively feel while green leaf conjures wet, dewy and refreshing impression with superb style. 

Tropical fruity notes such as mango, passion fruit, papaya and guava make the top notes; floral notes of freesia, muguet, rose, neroli and marigold serve as the heart of scent while hints of oak moss, orris, sandalwood and vetiver end the sensational olfactory plethora.

As a season of revival and reawakening, Clinique Happy in Bloom can be best described as the aromatic embodiment of the season. 

A waft of this limited edition scent will immediately take you back to the memory of a frosted spring morning with an aura of dew laden flowers. Bursting with fresh and frosty floral aroma, Clinique Happy in Bloom boasts a lush mixture of yellow plum, a cocktail of frozen fruit, and watery green notes for a crisp introduction.

Notes of muguet, white freesia and a mimosa accord from the original Happy, lend a tactile nuance of petals. Transparent amber and white wood provide depth with a natural feminine softness. 

But of course, scent aside, the packaging too is another main reason that makes fans of the iconic fragrance making beelines at Clinique counters. Inspired by Clinique’s very own iconic floral packaging, beautiful pastel flowers in this simple glass spray bottle for Happy in Bloom captures the feeling of a world suddenly in bloom. 

Available at all Clinique counters and online since November 2013, Calyx is retailed at RM 195 for 50ml and RM 270 for 100ml while Clinique Happy in Bloom will make its limited time debut starting April onwards and priced at RM135 for 30ml and RM185 for 50ml.

*Photos courtesy of Clinique

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