Let's Get Fashionably Funky with Monki!

These days, Malaysian girls can consider themselves lucky as they are spoilt by choices when it comes to dressing up, no matter how the high or low their budgets be. 

A stream of cool labels is set to land on our fair shores soon and one of them is the funky Scandinavian fashion label Monki.

Unless you are well-versed with Scandinavian fashion scene, for the uninitiated, Monki - a sister brand to renowned high-street fashion retailer H&M and jeans brand Cheap Monday - is a Swedish fashion brand that started as a reaction to the uniformity of retail. 

Launched in 2006, the brand believes that the world should have a creative alternative, hence leading it to craft a colour-bursting storytelling world of its own.

“As a company we really want to inspire young women–our customers–to show the world who they really are through style” says Lea Rytz Goldman, Monki COO.  “We use all our creativity to give that inspiration; in our expressive collections as well as in our trademark imaginative stores and graphics. But also by boosting young women everywhere; because that’s what matters the most to us.”

Starting with just three stores in Sweden, Monki began to expand its horizon by opening more stores in Europe and Asia.

Moreover, Monki has scuccesfully captured the attention of young female trendsetters in global style capitals such as Hong Kong, London, Hamburg and Stockholm with original prints and distinctive street-chic ready-to-wear and accessories collections that aren’t just beautiful but affordable at the same time.

Monki’s vision also transcends the fashion sphere. The brand hosts a DJ platform called Monki Mozik, arranges creative co-labs and publishes the ambitious Monki Magazine.    

“We are really happy to have received such a warm welcome from fans around the world”, Lea Rytz Goldman, Monki COO continues. “Monki is a growing brand: this spring alone we are opening stores in Paris, Berlin, Osaka, and several cities in China.”

Located at the Nu Sentral Mall, the first Monki outlet in Malaysia will boast 240- square metres of retail space immersed in the new take of the award-winning Sea of Scallops concept, which received a flattering nomination at last year’s WGSN Global Fashion Awards. 

And while waiting for their first Malaysian store to open, the general question that may arise is, what can young, urban fashionistas can expect from Monki this season?

“Our Spring/Summer collection is filled with Monki’s usual mix of street wear inspired pieces in the season’s hottest trends,” says Head of Design, Caroline Carlryd. “We’re exceptionally proud of our prints this season, and cannot wait to share them with even more Monki girls!”

Monki will be debuting in Kuala Lumpur this spring at Nu Sentral Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur. For more information, log on to Monki’s website

*Photos courtesy of Monki

Monki – Nu Sentral Mall, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.


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