Creating Great Skin with NEW Clinique For Men Range

My relationship with Clinique started in my puberty years. 

I remember it clearly at the age of 15, I would sneak into my mother’s room (after school) and dab some of her Dramatically Moisturizing Lotion, which soothes my skin post shower, on my towel-dried skin. Despite being warned so many times, I kept on using the lotion until she discontinued using it.

When I was 25, I asked my mother to get me a complete set of Clinique Skin Supplies for Men during her vacation to Washington DC. 

A month later, she came back with a grey pouch containing the range’s trinity – liquid facial cleanser, the scruffing lotion and the M lotion – plus an aloe shaving gel and Age Defense Maximum Hydrator crème. Like a sacred ritual, I never skip a beat on the three –step solution and day after day, I could see the visible change to my skin: revitalised, supple and fresher.

Recently, Clinique has given its men skincare line an image boost with the NEW Clinique for Men. 

An easy to navigate, intuitive collection of products  specifically designed to meet men’s unique needs, NEW Clinique For Men gives skin exactly what it needs to look its best and be its healthiest, every day.

“Today men are a more empowered, educated consumer with a stronger eye on grooming,” said Agnes Landau, Clinique Senior Vice President, Global Marketing. “More men are shopping for themselves, compared to a decade ago. Now, one in four men uses some form of skin care and they are looking for ‘made for men’ products that speak to their specific grooming concerns. NEW Clinique for Men is designed to present men with innovative, custom-fit grooming solutions on their terms.”

On a fine day, a package containing NEW Clinique for Men set courtesy of Clinique Malaysia was sent to me. Ecstatic was the word I would use to describe what I felt. Post work and after a comforting hot shower, I gave the NEW Clinique for Men range a “test drive”. 

The regimen started with facial wash. I skipped the scrub as I had scrubbed my face two days earlier. There was not much of a difference between the new facial wash and the one from the Clinique Skin Supplies for Men that I’ve been using for the past 7 years.

Next is exfoliation. Exfoliation is important as it removes dead skin cells and excess oil from the skin surface, allowing the skin to absorb substances efficiently. 

Before Exfoliating Tonic was introduced, I have been using Scruffing Lotion 2.5 to exfoliate my skin. Oftentimes, it imparts stinging sensation to my skin, especially post-shaving and/or scrubbing. But with Exfoliating Tonic, I could bid adieu to the stinging sensation. The lotion is lighter and it removes all the impurities that linger on my skin just as efficient as its predecessor.

Before the final step, I pumped a sparing dot of Dark Spot Corrector and spread it all over my skin. More than just diminishing the dark spots caused by sun damages and acne, the Dark Spot Corrector also reduces ingrown hair. 

Last but not least, I applied some Watery Lotion onto the face to keep my skin hydrated, cooled and calmed while I’m asleep. In the morning, I continued the same steps but I switched to Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer as my skin tends to be oily by day, especially when I walk under the sun or post meal.

One week passed and the result is tremendously great. It is undeniable that Clinique Skin Supplies for Men has done a great job on my skin; I would have not been a loyal user if it does not deliver its promises. 

However, the new generation seemed to impress me more. The shine on my T-Zone is no longer obvious thanks to the Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer and my cheeks are softer. 

Of course, my skin becomes more supple and fresher with almost no acne present — a testament to the notion that great skin can be created.

Thanks a billion to Clinique Malaysia for allowing me to ‘test drive’ the new generation of its men’s skincare range. The NEW Clinique for Men skincare range is available now at all Clinique counters, Clinique online store and Sephora stores nationwide.

*Photos courtesy of Clinique

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