La Mer Receives Artistic Touch For The Holiday Collections

It’s no longer — or never — a well-hidden secret that every celebrity and beauty junkie swears by the power of La Mer. 

Years ago; Jennifer Lopez told a fashion magazine that part of her post-bathing routine is to slather Crème de La Mer all over her body. To my surprise, word has it that Brad Pitt uses La Mer nightly ritual that takes more than an hour, ditto Angelina Jolie who is also a fan of the brand.

In Malaysia, I am very sure that La Mer needs no further introduction. Just like Hollywood and other chic cities around the world, many prominent public figures are happy to disclose that La Mer – especially the miraculous crème - constitutes part of their daily beauty regimen. 

Miraculous is because it contains Miracle Broth™ - an elixir concocted by Dr Max Huber using hand-harvested sea kelp that purveys dramatic healing prowess to the skin.

In conjunction with the holiday season, La Mer collaborated with artist Yellena James to create a limited-edition design for La Mer’s luxurious and coveted Holiday Collections. 

Drawing inspiration from the ocean, James intertwined elements of the sea to evoke La Mer’s own craftsmanship, elegance, and beauty.

“La Mer’s passion and respect for the sea, for discovery, and the quality of their creations speak to my own inspiration and desires as an artist,” said James. 

“The design contains sea flora, kelp pods and the coral element which immediately take me under the surface of the sea into a refreshing and inviting atmosphere,” she adds.

Preferring pens, inks, markers and acrylics, James combines the complex abstract forms into dazzling images which take on lives of their own. 

Her colourful arrangements of organic shapes and tangled lines are at once floral and alien, organic and sci-fi. 

Each intimate world she creates seems to posses its own ethos and its own special ability to radiate emotion.

The result is a beautiful amalgamation of sea flora, kelp pods and the coral elements that grace the surface of La Mer's Holiday Collections packaging, making the collections a true gift of love for your loved ones, or even friends, to cherish and treasure.

There are three collections plus one highly coveted item in La Mer’s Holiday Collections – The Nourishing Collection, The Radiance Collection, The Ageless Collection, and The Supreme Crème.

A perfect regimen to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, La Mer’s Nourishing Collection contains the most nurturing products such as the legendary crème itself, The Eye Concentrate that contains Brazilian malachite, The Cleansing gel, The Refining facial and The Hydrating Facial. 

These items work together so your skin looks smoother, firmer and deeply refreshed. The Nourishing Collection retails at RM1050 per set.

The second collection, which is The Radiance Collection, makes a perfect introduction gift to those who had never experience the wonders of La Mer. 

Containing products such as The Moisturising Soft Cream, The Radiant Serum, The Eye Balm Intense and The Hydrating Infusion, the set brings forth translucent and brighter skin that’s radiant; more refined and luminous complexion. The Radiance Collection is priced at RM 1950 per set.

For those who have been following the footsteps of Juan Ponce de Leon in seeking the mythical Fountain of Youth, La Mer has the answer to your quest with The Ageless Collection. 

Dedicated to lifetime skincare devotees, The Ageless Collection offers a complete anti-aging regimen to instantly renew, rejuvenate and revitalize the look of skin. 

The set, which includes The Crème de La Mer, The Regenerating Serum, The Eye Concentrate and The Lifting Intensifier, retails at RM 1950 per set.

Now here comes the highlight of the collection – La Mer Supreme Crème. Like a precious jewel in its own right, the Supreme Crème is tastefully presented in a luxurious, limited-edition lacquer case. 

If you still have not even the faintest idea of what this creme is all about, the Supreme Crème was born from the sea and is known as the iconic cream that inspired a cult following worldwide. Of course, that creme is what we all know today as Creme de La Mer.

At a cool price of RM6800 per 500ml jar, I bet it will top every devotee’s - probably Jennifer Lopez included - Christmas wish list for this this year.

The La Mer Holiday Collections are available now at all La Mer counters.

*Photos courtesy of La Mer

La Mer - Metrojaya Mid Valley Megamall, Isetan Suria KLCC, Parkson Pavilion and Isetan Bandar Utama.


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