Journey of a Style ... L’Odyssée de Cartier Parcours d’un Style

Journey is more than physical movement. In some ways, a journey could be described as stages of a painstaking creation process.

So meticulous, every stage is performed carefully with not an iota of flaw permitted, hence creating treasures that beautifully commemorate that significant journey. 

Case in point: The mystical and sublime L’Odyssée de Cartier Parcours d’un Style collection by Jeweller of the Kings, Cartier.

A High Jewellery collection of stunning diversity, glittering with a thousand colourful facets, L’Odyssée de Cartier Parcours d’un Style collection was inspired by the imagination of an inspiring journey that opens new stylistic horizons and reveals perspectives and connections, echoed between different worlds. 

Covering the exotic Asia and Africa – two continents connected by the Sinai Peninsula and separated by the Indian Ocean – the collection juxtaposes clean and sharp designs with dazzling stones and patterns derived from the soils of Africa, China and India.

Capturing the intense essence of Africa, the jewellery design is composed of shadow and light, which can be seen in the form of a torrent of obsidian half-crescents cascading down to a rutilated quartz cabochon and other stones that are rich with life and colour.

Speaking of colours, earthy colours make up the African-inspired collection palette and each hue is bursting with echoes of warmness and life. 

Furthermore, the beauty of traditional motifs and the application of patterns inspired by animals that are native to Africa such as lion and zebra bring forth the magnificence of the continent.

Paying homage to the Orient where the house is globally known as the storied purveyor of luxury to the Indian Maharajahs, Cartier immortalises the beauty of the East with a High Jewellery collection that reflects the mood of the moment, beauty at thrilling speeds. In this collection, perspective plays on depth to spark a dynamic. 

Asymmetry, forward and reverse angles, the precision of expert savoir-faire that stays in the shadows to put the magic in motion: the motif turns mobile, light years from the initial static drawing!

A contemporary allusion to the splendour of ceremonial jewellery of old, Cartier characterises the Indian subcontinent – a country known as a kaleidoscope of forms and colours – in the form of spectacular Tutti Frutti-styled necklaces with exquisite sophistication, studded with radiant diamonds. 

Buoyant and luscious, the intensity of fuchsia is perfectly tempered with glittering diamonds while the snakes slide onto the wrist with charming undulations, thus resulting exquisite yet ethereal jewellery pieces that are blooming with volume.

As for the eternally imperial charm of China, Cartier marries the splendour of its well-preserved heritage in the forms of motifs, ideograms and divinities, all interwoven with materials that are rich with zestful opulence. 

Think mythical golden-winged phoenix flying and basking in the benevolence of the highly revered dragons meeting tête-à-tête and softened by the sight of a baby panda — a timeless experience between the earth and the sky, immortalised in the form of artfully crafted High Jewellery.

For more information on L’Odyssée de Cartier Parcours d’un Style collection, visit your nearest Cartier boutique or call +603-2303 5088 (Malaysia)

*Photos by Vincent Wulveryck,Camille Vivier,Gérard Uféras and Nils Herrmann/Cartier

Cartier - Lot C-G05 & 105A Ground & First Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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