Fashion for the Eyes ... FW2013-14 Eyewear Collection Preview by Sin Kwang Optical

The sun knows no season. Whether it is spring or summer, autumn and even winter, when the day is shorter than night, UV protection for the eyes in the form of sunglasses is important in keeping a healthy vision. 

Furthermore, eyewear – be it sunglasses or spectacles - too is considered as an essential part of your look as it could either make or break your signature personal look.

To welcome the advent of the autumn/winter season, Sin Kwang Optical recently held an exclusive gala dinner to preview its latest eyewear collection to the members of the media at The Gardens Hotel. 

Hosted by celebrity emcee Miss Chui Ling, the beautiful gala dinner saw models parading the latest eyewear collections for the autumn/winter 2013 season by four major eyewear labels – Police, Charmant Blue Label, Porsche Design, and Bally.

A symbol of freedom and of an underground style, Police has always been recognised worldwide as a distinctive part of the brand’s heritage - the famous blue lens that is now revived and represented as a must-have with a more daring look than ever, combined with new shapes and experiments. Every pair of Police glasses stands out due to constant research and attention to detail, from both an aesthetic as well as technical point of view.
Designed to appeal all groups of age, Charmant Blue Label features contemporary designs crafted from titanium with high durability. 

Moreover, the Blue Label collection has three distinctive variants – Sleek Titan, Pressure Mount and Combination Collection – that are tailored according to different usage patterns and preferences.

Albeit widely known as a brand of luxury cars, Porsche has upped the ante of its association with everything luxury by becoming a brand that entirely represents contemporary and luxurious lifestyle. 

With “The Urban Modernist” as its tagline, the eyewear collection epitomises strength, elegant and pure coolness with distinctive architectural shapes and geometric volumes. Black dominates the colour palette, followed by warm and striking shades of burgundy that serves as the highlight.  

Making its debut for the first time that evening was Bally, a world-famous Swiss leather goods brand known for the finesse of its products, thanks to the brand’s longstanding heritage that has been around since the last 160 years. 

Divided into Fashion and Sport & Casual for women and Top, Office and Casual for men, the eyewear collection purveys a wide range of models, ensuring every occasion can be graced with Bally’s principles of timeless elegance and innovative design.

Violinist Miss Grace Tan kept the guests on high spirit throughout the night with her skilful and soulful music prowess. 

The 2013-14 autumn/winter collection for Police, Charmant Blue Label Collection, Porsche Design, and Bally are available now at leading opticians and optometrists nationwide.

*Photos courtesy of Sin Kwang Optical


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