Robin Thicke treads on the Blurred Lines

Actress Paula Patton is a lucky star indeed, for she currently owns the hottest property in Hollywood ― sexy crooner/songwriter Robin Thicke. Tall, dark and absolutely handsome with sultry multi-layered voice, the singer/songwriter is no stranger to the global R&B/Soul music landscape.

His body of works, which include singles such as ‘Love after War’, ‘Meiple’, ‘Sex Therapy’, ‘When I Get You Alone’ and ‘Brand New Jones’ have received numerous airplays and video rotations around the world.

Recently, Thicke released his latest studio recording titled Blurred Lines. A follow-up to his 2011 release ‘Love after War’, ‘Blurred Lines’, in a gist, is not too different from his previous releases. 

However, this 11-tracked album offers more Pop-oriented songs compared to his previous efforts such as ‘Sex Therapy’ and ‘A Beautiful World’.

Blurred Lines - the title track cum lead single – made its debut back in March, received tremendous airplays worldwide, thus enabling it to earn top spot positions on music charts everywhere. 

Simple in rhythm and without the fancy touch of digitalisation, as well as catchy hooks, ‘Blurred Lines’ is like a potent magic potion. So potent, it sticks in your head and auto-repeat by itself without having to conjure a thought 

Not to forget the added extra - a saucy video featuring Thicke, T.I and Pharell surrounded by half-naked models (or scantily clothed, depending which version you had seen on Youtube). 

‘Take it Easy’ is a mediocre dance track with a dash of Indian music influence in the background, while ‘Ain’t No Hat for That’ and Get In My Way’ pay homage to the 70s music scene. 

Another track called Give It 2 U (featuring Kendrick Lamar) is a catchy song, released as the second single of the album. The song starts with sexy monologue by Thicke, listing out a list of tempting offerings any girl would not refuse. In this song, the lyrics talk about how beautiful she looks and her beauty alone is enough to fulfil his fantasy and make most of the grown men cry.

Other tracks such as ‘Feel Good’, ‘Go Stupid for You’, ‘For the Rest of My Life’ and ‘Top of the World’ is rather pleasant to the ears but lack of that catchy vibe compared to the first few songs. 

Very laidback and emotional laced with lyrics that are much more personal, professing his undying love to wife Paula. Listening to 'The Good Life', one could not help it but to compare it to one of late Elvis Presley songs in terms of melody.

Come next week, the singer will make his first visit to Asia and set the MTV World Stage 2013 on fire on 8 September at Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia. How to win passes? Just log on to and participate in the multiplayer online game.

So if you are looking for a sexy load of songs, sung by a sexy contemporary crooner, then look no further to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. The album is available now at all music stores, as well as online stores around the world. 

*Photos by Universal Music


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