The Angels Are Back! Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

December is not just a time for you to embrace the world’s most commercialised holiday (read: Christmas) and also to plan on how to utilize your annual leave. 

But it is also a time for what every red-blooded man – especially in the US – would anticipate – the Victoria’s Secret fashion show!

If you’ve been away with the extra-terrestrial beings for the longest of time, Victoria’s Secret fashion show is not just about a parade of flesh. 

Rather, it is a fantasy-laden parade segmented in exotic themes with models – in their lingerie ensemble, of course – dolled up in extra props to further enhance the appeal of their lingerie on display.

Furthermore, the models that you see sashaying on the runway aren’t just models, but they are “angels”. You don’t believe me? Check out those glittery larger-than-life wings on their sexy backs as proof. 

 Last Tuesday, millions of men were transfixed in front of their plasma or LCD screens, feasting their eyeballs on Victoria’s Secret annual lingerie parade. Lucky Americans as the show was brought to their household live by the CBS Television Network. 

For this year’s show, well put the angels aside because they are indeed, the reason why men are willing to leave the office earlier than the usual, the stage features a powerful lineup of three iconic musical superstars – Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. 

At the front row, top-notch celebrities such as the iconic Debbie Harry of Blondie, fashion photographer and America’s Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker, Hip-Hop and lifestyle mogul Russell Simmons and girl-about-town Alexa Chung (spotting vivacious red lips), just to name a few, were also present.

Divided into six thematic segments, the show started with “Circus”, where the angels warmed up the sensuous evening with circus-themed getups. 

The lingerie were abound with playfulness, starting with Adriana Lima who brought the character of the ringmaster alive in her ringmaster-inspired costumed paired with black sheen lingerie set. 

Angel Candace Swanpoel on the other hand teases the crowd with her pink pom-pom laden ensemble with a thin hoop encircling her waist. 

In the “Dangerous Liaison” segment, singer Rihanna took the stage and mesmerized the crowd with her vocal prowess while the angels took the runway, wooing the spectators in their lush yet risqué looks.
The show continued with the third segment called “Calendar Girls”. In this segment, the looks were very much inspired by the spirit of Americana with lots of hypnotic seduction. 

Case in point: The blue-white stripes and stars wings paired red-white striped train (perhaps inspired by the Spangled Banner), sheen blue brassiere and gold underwear as seen on Lily Aldridge. Indeed, naughty is the segment’s middle name and to bring up the sensual ambiance alive on stage was singer Bruno Mars, who serenaded the passing-by angels with his unique crooning style. 

Bruno Mars left the stage and Justin Bieber took the spotlight. Dressed in all-white ensemble of sleeveless jacket and trousers, Bieber belted out his pop-infested tunes while the angels strut on the runway for the “Pink is Us” segment. 

In this segment, Victoria’s Secret seemed to pay a tribute to French designer Thierry Mugler via an ensemble worn by Jessica Hart, which is an enameled corset with colourful heart prints and bicycle handlebars with strings of streamers in vivid hues attached. On the other hand, Cara Delevigne strutted on the runway dressed in an American waitress-inspired getup doused in stripes of white and bubblegum pink.

The sensual ambience for the evening became more intense during the “Silver Screen” segment. Paying great homage to the silver screen goddesses of present and the past, the pieces combined an eclectic mix of muted palette with lots of glitters – a typical comparison to Hollywood.

Also taking the centre stage was Bruno Mars, who once again wooed the crowd and the angels with his soulful renditions. The ultimate highlight of the event finally appeared at the finale of the show.

In “Angels in Bloom” segment, the crowd were transported to a lush, tropical jungle peppered with arrays of blooming flora. Once again, Rihanna ascended on the stage in a sheer pink ensemble paired with a set of white lingerie underneath and sang to the crowd and the flower-laden angels.  

Alessandra Ambrosio on the other hand, kicked off the segment with a pair of enormous wings made of orchids. Wait, here’s what will enthrall you the most – she was wearing Victoria’s Secret Floral Fantasy Bra set that’s worth US$2.5 million!

The Floral Fantasy Bra Gift Set is handset with over 5200 precious gems, including amethysts, sapphires, tsavorite, rubies, white, pink and yellow diamonds, all set in 18 karat rose and yellow gold.  The bra also has two removable diamond flower pins and the drop centerpiece features an astonishing 12.5 carat and 20 carat white diamond.

The Victoria's Secret Christmas Dreams & Fantasy collection 2012 is available now at all Victoria's Secret boutiques and online at


*Photos courtesy of Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret -  Lot 2.01.13 & 2.01.14, Level 2, Pavilion, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; G315 / Ground Floor, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Centre, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia; Satellite A (Passenger Area), Kuala Lumpur International Airport.


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