Penelope Kisses Superstition Goodbye with Campari

Superstition has long been part of most cultures around the world - including ours. Even in the contemporary age like today, it is not surprising to know that there are people who live their life based on the Old Wives' belief. 

Though believing in superstition may seem backwards, the bright side of it is, it makes such a wonderful subject. Case in point: Campari's upcoming 2013 calendar featuring Spanish silver screen siren Penelope Cruz.

Known as one of the iconic calendars (besides Pirelli), Campari calendars are internationally distributed in a limited edition number of only 9,999 copies. Yes, such a small quantity makes it is a small, collectible luxury for the happy few that receive it. 

Furthermore, the calendar, which has featured a bevy of stars such as Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba, Olga Kurylenko and Benicio Del Torro, is also a tribute to the world class talent and photographers that make it come to life every year.

Imbued with fiery passion for her art, that sassy accent and known for her iconic body of works on the silver screen such as Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Jamon Jamon, Vanilla Sky, All the Pretty Horses, Gothika and Head in the Clouds, just to name a few, Penelope exudes a copious amount of sensuality that truly befits Campari’s iconic red hue and its position as a symbol of intrigue and pleasure, which unfurls itself into a captivating and stimulating drinking experience.

“The Campari Calendar consistently works with talented and creative teams and photographers to produce world-class imagery,” said Cruz. “I have really enjoyed working in this project for one of the world’s most iconic brands, particularly with such an amazing history attached to it.”

“I really feel that Campari fans across the globe will love the imagery when they see the finished Calendar, the theme in itself is intense, captivating and chic,” she added.

Shot by photographer Kristian Schuller, the calendar look and feel is a terrific juxtaposition of his distinctive style and ability to push the boundaries of editorial imagery to create the dramatic photography. 

Furthermore, aptly titled Kiss Superstition Goodbye, the calendar features Cruz, dressed in various red designer gowns and dresses, being surrounded by a plethora of old wives' tales, such as glancing into a set of broken mirrors, which has always been considered to be bad luck; surrounded by a group of black cats (also known as bad omen bearer); and walking on the cracked lines.

According to Kristian, whose body of works include editorial photography stints with Vogue Hellas, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ, capturing and translating the spirit of Campari into breathtaking works of art is an incredible and unique challenge in its own right.  

“Campari has a history of creating powerful and visually-stunning imagery, both in its advertising campaigns and the Calendar,” said Kristian. “My intention was to continue this story of success by pushing the boundaries even further which I feel we have achieved."

On working with Cruz, Kristian further commented, “It is magnificent to work with someone as talented as Penelope, who truly embodied the theme for the latest edition of the Calendar by bringing her flair and versatility to the set.”

Now if you are wondering how you can get your hands on this calendar, again, I would like to repeat that only a lucky few will receive it. 

I bet even Santa Claus himself must be crossing his fingers by now, with high hope of receiving a copy.  So, just pray that you are one of the lucky few then.


*Images courtesy of Campari


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