Hungry? Just!

Let's admit it. Malaysians don't eat to live. Rather, the live to eat. 

What's more, eating out has also become part of Malaysian lifestyle, and it's not common to see food blogs recommending the best places to eat around Malaysia, especially big cities like Kuala Lumpur and Penang, mushrooming at an enormous rate of late. 

Now, if you are still on the look for a one-stop resource for everything 'makan' then will be the right answer. A public-access portal that is accessible to anyone who is able to go online via computers, smartphones or tablets, provides an innovative way for foodies hunting for exciting new places to try out as well as for friends new and old to connect online through a truly well-loved, Malaysian way – their tastebuds and tummies.

The portal will be a platform to promote lively discussions among diners, as well as between diners and restaurants via interactive feedback and other activities.
“It is by offering a place for people who love good food and people who make good food to come together, that Malaysia will truly be able to develop a world-class dining scene that draws everyone locally and from abroad,” said Shin Kajiwara, Chief Executive Officer of Monhan Holdings Sdn Bhd, which owns and operates

Through, individual business owners of a wide array of dining hotspots provide online information to diners who are able to take a look at their cuisine through full menu listings and beautiful, high quality food photographs. 

Each dining venue featured in the portal will also contain comprehensive, up-to-date information for the convenience of its dining members. 

Thus, do check out today and treat yourself, your families or friends to a slew of gastronomic treasure troves worth discovering around Malaysia

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