It's A California-Eccentric World ... Skaist-Taylor Resort 2013 Collection

If Cher Horowitz (of Clueless) is real, and happens to come across Skaist-Taylor Resort 2013 collection online, rest assured she would immediately speed dial her personal sales assistant at, say Maxfield, and book the first batch of the collection for herself right upon its arrival.

Fun, sassy and bold — three words that best describe Skaist-Taylor’s California-eccentric and biographical collection for the upcoming Resort 2013 season. 

Though both Gela and Pam’s supreme fashion sense (think highlighted locks and the inevitable furs in playful colours) may have made up the core value of this superb collection, truth be told, it is the legendary Cher Horowitz that I see in this resort collection.   

I can clearly see Alicia Silverstone’s superficial and fashion-centric character Cher — who is also a true California/Valley girl — strutting effortlessly or driving down the Sunset Boulevard or Beverly Hills in each and every piece from Skaist-Taylor Resort 2013 collection. 

Especially in those ultra-fabulous and party-worthy fully-sequined dresses with above-the-knee hem, either paired with graphic multicolour or solid hued fur jacket. 

Cher Horowitz aside, nuances of fashion from the 80s and 90s — two eras that serve as the pinnacle of fashion back in the 20th century — are fairly present in this collection. They are indeed noticeable on details such as strong shoulders on the multicolour fur jacket and dresses, fine asymmetrical gathered waist on one of the printed dresses, metallic hues, slim long sleeves with sculpted armholes and furs in girly colours such as cotton candy (or bubblegum) pink.

Furthermore, if you happened to be part of the rock band groupies or entourage back in those two epic eras, rest assured a glance at the metallic biker jacket and skinny jeans ensemble highlighted with a touch of soft, bubblegum pink fur stole would certainly conjure that long forgotten “rocking” memories. 

Should Gela and Pam envisaged this ultimate pop rock glamour collection earlier, I am pretty sure it will add some dynamism to Tom Cruise’s Rock of Ages, which according to Rotten Tomatoes review, is “ultimately too bland and overlong to justify its trip to the big screen”. 

Skaist-Taylor Resort 2013 collection will be available at select mixed brand retailers and online retailers by the third quarter of the year.

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