Another Milestone Added ... The Row Resort 2013 Collection

I believe that the fashion critics everywhere by now, have come to a point where, whether they like it or not, they have to admit that the Olsen sisters are taking their fashion seriously. 

When I say serious, it means Donatella Versace’s or Karl Lagerfeld’s amount of seriousness, not Jennifer Lopez’s.  Furthermore, CDFA won’t blindly induct these pint-sized twins who were catapulted to global fame through renowned sitcom Full House, as part of the renowned association.

Anyway, again, Mary-Kate and Ashley have are generating great press again after debuting their Resort collection in New York a week ago. Subliminal is the best word for me to describe their new ready-to-wear and accessories collection. Influences of model/actress Lauren Hutton’s personal style are certainly inevitable, especially on the working palette and the silhouettes.
An eclectic mix of solid hues such as black, yellow, white and pallid purple are utilized in different ways, including patterns and colour blocking. 

While the girls are just halfway towards their twenties, do not be surprised that many matured fashionistas are in love with The Row and apparently, Lauren Hutton is one of them!
As for the materials, apart from the stunning black laces, the Olsen twins also use rich and technology-driven fabrics. Also ubiquitous in the new collection is the presence of the hood, which reminds me of none other than the Star Wars uniforms! Whether the hoods are meant as fashion statement; an homage to George Lucas’ cult movie; or perhaps just an allusion to the wet days leading to spring, I certainly have no idea.
The Row Resort 2013 collection will be available at select mixed brand retailers, online retailers and departmental stores worldwide as early as November 2012.  

*Photos by Row


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